Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

We went to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival last weekend.   It was a first time thing for both of us.  I have never showed a live animal before and don't know if I will again. was a good experience since the two sheep that I showed placed in their classes.  We also took along nine lambs that are for sale.   We only sold three, but that is better than none.
 This is the Scottish judge from the Shetland Islands looking at my yearling ewe, Jasmine.  She didn't mind being checked out until he stuck his hand in her private parts.   Then she tried to leave.

 This is the line up of winners.  We were third.  The fourth place winner is not up there yet.   The little lamb behind Jasmine belonged to one of the other ewes and just walked around the arena checking on everything.

This is the parade with the ewe lambs.   Wild Thing was very well behaved through all of the walking around.  She just got antsy while waiting for the judge to get to examine her and after that while waiting for the winners to be chosen.  The judge had a real hard time choosing the last winner, and he came back to Wild Thing twice to check her wool.   I guess he liked it because we got the call and the ribbon.

 It looks to me like I was trying to show her the ribbon that she had won.   I was so happy with my sheep that day.  I couldn't believe that I had won another ribbon.  I really did not expect to win anything.  The plan was to get my name out there so that I could sell my lambs when I had them.

I made Jake take this picture of us the other day so I had it to keep.   The sheep were not cooperative, but I guess they looked fine in all the pictures he took.   Cannot say the same for the human.  This one was acceptable.

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Michelle said...

Congratulations; you SHOULD be thrilled!