Saturday, November 14, 2009

What next?

This is a picture of the excitement that exists on a Saturday night on the ridge.   A few seconds earlier the cat and dog were touching as they slept.      BUT..............would  you believe that is the same dog that locked his family out of the car with the keys in the ignition at the gas station this morning?    Well, it happened.     Love those automatic locks.     He just stepped on the lock button as I was finishing the gas fill, and Jake was getting some soda in the store.     LUCKILY........Jake had his wallet on him with the OnStar card in it.     One call to them and the fact that there was a dog in the car produced an  unlocked car as soon as they were sure who I was.    Thank heaven for OnStar, and I will never leave the keys in the car when the dog is alone in the car.    That could have happened any time that I was filling the car and had the dog along with me.    Then I might not have my cell phone, and I certainly would not have my purse since I  use a credit card to get gas.          Oh well...............learned a new lesson today thanks to Mr. Zippy.   

As a reward we took him to his favorite store, TSC  (Tractor Supply Company) so that he could comb the dog food aisle for treats besides getting treats from his favorite store employee.    He really loves that store.

For Michelle

Here are some pictures of the bullies.    I can't get good pictures since they come running to the fence when they see me.    I will have to think about how to produce better pictures of them.   The first one is Sammy as he is approaching.   The second one is Sammy being naughty.

 Here are two bullie faces trying to figure out what the heck I am doing.

Last but not least are the three dogs in my backyard looking at the house that Jake has spent a week of vacation trying to save.    His vacation is over Monday, and the house is a wreck.  It is an old one room school house that was moved to this property.    The former owner was not a carpenter, and the house is sinking into the ground.   Jake is madly jacking parts up and replacing beams under the house where there is a hole.    Water flowed under the whole thing and caused a lot of rot.    Luckily Todd doesn't HAVE to come home  until Wednesday.    By then, I think, Jake will be able to get the house closed up so that it is "livable" again.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Through the Spinning Wheel

Well, I don't have a picture of this, but I will do my best to describe it in words.    It was just a few brief moments while I was spinning last night.    I was sitting on the couch with my wheel in front of me.    Spinning is new to Zippy.  All of a sudden I looked up from my drafting, and there was a little Cardi head going round and round on the other side of the wheel.    He did it long enough that Jake was able to see it.
You know how a dog will follow motion with his head?   Well, this one was going like around in time with my wheel.    It sure made for a real funny "Cardi moment".  

The funny moment may have been to make up for his trick in the morning.   As I was sitting at the computer he went over to the wheel and jumped up on the couch and took the whole ball of roving I was spinning from and treated it like one of his toys.    Luckily I caught him before he had torn up the whole thing.    It took some time last night to pull the ball apart so that I could salvage the parts that had touched the Cardi lips.    Very little was lost, and the act last evening more than made up for the mess in the morning.

Sunny, frost, and calm up on the ridge this morning.   Looking forward to some mild temperatures today.
Time to go for our walk.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I just went and did it anyway!

Hi, Everybody...................Zippy here!

Just me hanging out on my new playground equipment.

My UN mom knew better, but she put up a bell for me anyway.    She tried to teach me to ring the bells when I wanted to go outside.    Yahoo!!!!   This is great!!!!    I learned just like she wanted me to, and I ring those bells whenever I want to go out...............whether it is to play or to do my "business".    She had been told not to, but I am glad that she did not pay any attention to what other people said.

As you can see from the picture, I have a good time when I go outside.   Libby is the greatest playmate.   I can almost keep up with her now, and we have fun chasing in our yard.

Now, Mr. Scooter just doesn't always know what we are up to.    He  usually just stands and watches us run all over the place.    Sometimes he even joins in.    That is real  fun.

I thought you would like to see my second favorite playmate.   It is a cat, but I pretend it isn't.   We just play like two dogs.    BUT.......I have to be careful when he swats at me because his nails are sharp.

UN mom says she has a surprise for me one of these days.   I have no idea what she is talking about because she keeps talking about something called "snow".    Oh, well............I will just let her have her fun.