Sunday, September 30, 2007

A long day.....

It was a long weekend, yesterday. We left Friday night and drove to Janesville-- about three hours. We stayed at a motel where Scooter had no trouble making himself comfortable.

The next morning at seven, we left the motel with a destination in lower Michigan at the home of Stephen Rouse of Shetland sheep fame. After many trials and much tribulation mostly in Chicago, we arrived at his home at about 1:00 p.m. Luckily Stephen had stayed up to await our arrival. He graciously showed us his operation and corraled the three sheep we were buying. He is pictured with Sugarplum Snowflake, one of the two ewes. The other one Lemonade Lollie is fawn colored. The boy is gray. (He still needs a name.) They will provide the new color I wanted.

All three made it home in fine shape and so did we. Unfortunately it was 10:00 when we arrived. That was a long long day. Jake drove the whole way with much pain and agony getting through Chicago twice. It was really all Interstate driving except for 10 - 15 miles on each end, but, boy, are there ever a lot of cars on those interstates.

Now we are home in God's Country where the colors are glorious, and home is a great place to be.

The three new sheep will be a great addition to my small, small flock. I am up to four rams, one wether, and six ewes. One more would make a dozen. That sounds like a number I should strive for.