Monday, July 02, 2012

First Time Ever Sale

This is the first time I have ever advertised lambs for sale.    It is also the first time that I  have had someone around who knows something about Shetlands to give me advice.     Garrett Ramsey was here on one of his flying transportation trips to bring me a ewe lamb.    While he was here he gave me his opinion on my measly little lamb crop.     He  was not unhappy with them and said I could probably sell them.    Since I have four ewes and two rams, I would be happy to sell one ewe lamb and the two rams.    Here they are:

 This is High Ridge Godiva -  twin ewe lamb.    (Wintertime Baillelys X Bluff Country Casino Royale)    I think Garrett said she was moorit.   The flash from the camera made her look lighter colored.     She and her twin were named Godiva and Coco because one looked like semi-sweet chocolate and the other milk chocolate.

 This is unnamed black and white ram lamb and his twin brother in the background.  (Wintertime Bailleys X High Ridge Nutmeg)  

This is unnamed moorit and white twin ram lamb.     (Wintertime Bailleys X High Ridge Nutmeg)
(only three white feet)

The boys are 5 weeks old now, and Garrett thought they would both be scurred.  They  get their polled gene from their dad who is polled and their flashy appearance from their mom who is katmoget with spots.

If you have any interest in any of these three lambs, let me know.     The price will be right since this is my first offering, and I would be thrilled to sell any of them as registered Shetlands.

All my thanks to Garrett Ramsey for his assistance with my itty bitty flock and for his addition to my "breeding program"   -----   small as it may be and for selling us Little Beaver, our wonderful black and white Cardigan Welsh corgi.

Three cogris and a new friend

 Garrett stopped by on one of his transportation runs.     He was delivering this puppy to Indiana.
Zippy was happy to meet someone that looked like him.

The whole group ran around for a while and then decided to spend some time at rest in the only shade they have in their yard.    Of course the resident cat had to join them.

 The new lamb is not happy with her new home, but I hope she will grow to love us.   I think Garrett said she is from F1 Holly stock through her father.   She gets to meet our lambs who can run around outside of her pen.

We are not happy with the heat; neither are all the animals----- cows, sheep and dogs.