Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bare Naked Ladies

There they are  --   my own version of Bare Naked Ladies, and I couldn't be happier.  They became bare naked yesterday, and everyone survived the whole situation.   AND.........everyone even got moved into their respective outside pens.    Four ladies and two gentlemen had been inside since breeding in December and January.    I decided to just leave them inside until after shearing, and it worked out OK.
This afternoon I had such a wonderful time.    The girls are allowed to go into the garage into a pen.   I opened up the pen to the other side of the garage where I set up my skirting table.    I had gates over the opening of the garage so there was lots of light.   The girls wandered around while I worked.    The four girls from the barn spent most of the time with me.     Becky's Darla was on me like three coats of paint.    Pia from Nancy was next.   What a peaceful restful afternoon, and we get to order a pizza for supper.    What more could I ask for?

And...yes;, that is my Christmas tree they are snacking on.   The tree seems as fresh as the day we bought it.     What are they doing to the trees these days?    I remember bare naked trees being taken out of the house after Christmas.    Different.
Finally here are the three entertainers.  Jake has his regular recliner back, and the kids think that they can sit there, too.  Jake is back at work since Valentine's Day,  one month at light duty, and two days, so far, of regular work.   It has been difficult for him since he is still in considerable pain. 

AND, the weather here is beyond belief.   You sweat if you work outside.    It seems we don't do anything in moderation here in Wisconsin..............only extremes!