Monday, July 08, 2013

AAA---Alien Abduction Alert!!!

Poor Zippy said that he was abducted by aliens yesterday morning when we were at church.    He said  that when he regained consciousness, he was in this position-- behind bars in the kitchen.   Doesn't he look pathetic?

This barrier is set up specifically because of him since the cat food is on a shelf in the top left hand corner of the picture.    We have no idea how he gets into this position, so I guess the alien thing will have to be our story, too. 

 Although I had not planned on it, that corner of the kitchen is nice and clean now.    Everything got moved and changed.   I found an old wash stand that belonged to Jake's grandparents and filled all the drawers and shelves.   Jake moved the refrigerator, and things look much better now.    I wonder where the aliens will put Zippy the next time they visit...............