Thursday, August 01, 2013

Brockhaus Petting Zoo

The Brockhaus Petting Zoo, or, as otherwise known, more work for the farmer's wife.    There are five ram lambs and two calves, in the background.   This could also be titled, "Why there was so much noise on Tuesday night and Wednesday during the day".    Weaning took place, but everyone is doing better now.   Of these lambs, the four in the front are from our farm, and the one in the background is Casey from Kelly at OK Acres.    I have great plans of his adding some grey color next spring.   The two calves were abandoned by their mothers in the space of two days and became our bottle babies.    The two species just ignore each other.    They have an elaborate set-up in the garage to allow for different feeding for sheep and calves.   I think they have a pretty good deal going.
The lamb on the right is Campbell, and he may get to stay and be more than a companion for Casey.    Time will tell.