Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas gift




Say "Thanks!" to G.W.Bush for the "Get out of jail free card" he gave them yesterday.

P.S. Jake reminded me that Fuzz Nutless got his name from his former life when he was just plain Fuzz Nuts. Jake is good with names. Who knows what he calls me when I am not around.

(Peter, if you didn't understand, it is a U.S. joke. By the way.....We would gladly send you some of our snow.)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas blessing

Wishes to you for a blessed Christmas. Love your family and try to realize how blessed you are to have them near you to celebrate in this season. (Peter, is Europe having a horrible winter, also?) Don't willfully get to the point where you do not celebrate with your family. (advice from me)

It is snowing AGAIN up on the ridge. Jake left about 8:00 am to be in the LaCrosse County garage if any of the snow plow trucks needed mechanical help. It was going to be two days extra off from work, but "old man Winter" had other ideas. Doesn't winter care that we won't have lambs in the spring if Jake doesn't get some more time off?

And these are the two outside porch kitties. The big yellow one, Fuzz Nutless, can't go in the house because he is mean to everyone. The "other house" room schoolhouse moved here and turned into living quarter by former owner) is the "cat house" when it is cold. The other cat, Spotty, is "challenged" and can go in but sometimes doesn't. They have formed a "mutual admiration society" when it is bitter cold. They huddle together to stay warm here on the ugly, ugly porch.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Christmas Miracle

On the day after I picked up two new lambs from Nancy Krohn, one of them broke her leg. It was a back leg, and it was just dangling there when I found her. My vet wasn't even willing to try to treat it. I found a vet that was willing. Jake and I took her to the clinic where Dr. Brown examined the break, totally snapped below the hock but not compound, and put a splint on it. We took her home with penicillin to give her for five days being told that 48 hours and 10 days were the times to be especially observant. has been four weeks now, and today Pia went to the vet and had her bandage changed. Dr. Brown said it was healing and it was warm, both good things. In fact, not good, GREAT!!!!! She has been kept in a small pen in the old milk house which is attached to the barn with her friend, Aggie. Many cookies have been consumed by those two little dolls. Pia is exceptionally friendly, and we have bonded, big time.

When I got home from the vet this morning, I made the call I have been dreading and hoping for. It was to Nancy to tell her how sorry I was that Pia had gotten hurt, but that she was getting better. I didn't want to worry Nancy about the treatment when the outcome was in doubt. I have been waiting and wanting to make that call for four weeks now. It is so good to have good news to share with someone.

PIA IS MY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! Dr. Brown is part of the miracle. I guess I have a new vet for my sheep.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Creature Comfort

Pansy liked the stove when it was in the old living room, now dining room. As you can see, she still likes it. It is hard to believe how warm/hot she can get and still lay in front of the fire.

Sure is a cozy place to be here in the below zero weather.

The winds are blowin ............ (as the song says.) But we can weather the storm........ It's a lot easier with that fire in the corner of the room.

You warming.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Welcome Addition

What a good day to have my DH decide to get the stove set up in the living room. It took longer than he thought it would, but it is excellent. It will warm up the room when we are sitting around watching TV in the evening.