Friday, February 03, 2012

Kitty Kamo

This is our version of "Caturday" one day early.    (I don't know how to spell our kitty's name.  ((update)) It is Kitsci)   It means 'little' in Hungarian.    Anyhow..........I had some old fleeces that had not been washed and were several years old.    I decided that the outside kitties could sleep warmly on the former back porch room that is now enclosed with plastic and used for storage of outside dog furniture.   I found this kitty on this chair just lying on a folded towel.   I decided to add a fleece and see if she would sleep in it.    She did, and she promptly disappeared because she matched the color of the fleece.    I am sure she was warmer that way because it has been her bed for several nights now.   We call it Kitty Kamo.