Sunday, July 15, 2007

Little Hungarian Kittens

The kittens have reached the adorable stage. They ARE just adorable. I
really wonder if there may be some long hair among the bunch. Three of
them are very soft and fuzzy. I think they are three girls and one boy. The boy is the dark striped one.

Their names were the responsibility of a wonderful Hungarian family, the Batar's:
Dr. Peter, Dr. Gabi, and Peti, Jr. Here is what they suggested: Mischka, Mirr-Murr, Cili, and Picsur. Thankfully, they also sent me suggestions for the proper pronunciation. I sure need that.

Now I will just have to wait for them to tell me which name goes with which
cat since I cannot tell if the names are for boys or girls or just

Tony, the abandoned calf, is doing fine. He has caused me much pain as I wrestled with the fence trying to get away from him. He thinks I am his mom and cannot come near me without trying to suck on my clothes or my fingers. His attentions made it very difficult to climb back through the fence while holding unto the bucket. Of course, I fell. The huge bruise is almost gone now.

We have one more calf, a boy, of course. I named him Harry, after Harry
Houdini, since I found him outside of the fence up by the barn one
morning. There is still one more cow who had a calf last year. We are
not sure if she will calf. She is quite advanced in age, so it wouldn't
be a surprise if she did not have a baby. I am quite sure that her
daughter is pregnant. That calf will arrive when we see the signs of
imminent birth since we have no idea when she became fertile.

Jake is building fence. That will be wonderful when it is finished.