Sunday, May 17, 2015

Now it is spring!!!

Last year I bred five ewes.  I got five lambs.  One set of twins.   SO....I decided that this season I would breed all my available ewes.   That is only seven, but it is two more than last year.  Surprise.......This year I got 13 lambs - six sets of twins and one single.  And nine of the thirteen are ewes.   So far the four boys are polled.  This is the most lambs that I have ever had at our farm.   It is a definite contrast when compared to last year.    The picture above shows about nine of them and some of the ewes and one of the yearlings.  The handsome lad by the mineral feeder is one of the boys.  He was born with a fabulous curly coat and his sugar lips.  His color was a happy surprise, also, and his sister is brown, too.
This picture shows the two yearlings in the foreground.   It is hard to photograph them especially the katmoget since she comes to the fence whenever she sees me. 
This is Juni B.  She drew the short straw this time and had to babysit.  I don't think she minds it too much.  Those would be her twins in front of her.   I am lucky to have her because the vet had to come out and pull the twins since the black one was head back and would never would have been born normally.  She comes from my friendliest ewe and tends to pass that personalitiy trait on to her progeny.  Right now, her twins are the only ones who come up to me.   That is, except, for one of her mother''s two black lambs.

Oh, yes, and we have seven calves.   One was just born late this afternoon, and after supper when I took the dogs out walking on our path, I found mom and heifer calf bonding out in the field when all the other cows had come up for water.

Yes, it is spring, and it has been a great one  ----  so far.