Monday, September 14, 2009

Three on a Couch

For once, a photo op, did not disappear when I finally got the camera out. I was cleaning in the dining room, and Zippy and Scooter were on the love seat together. That was a first, also. Zippy had let out a couple of real high barks at the vacuum that got Libby into the room. The next time I looked, the three of them were together on the "dog couch". They won't fit much longer if Zippy has anything to say about it. His worst trick is to pull the blanket and cushions onto the floor and to shred the foam rubber of the cushion. The corners are beginning to disappear. As you can see the dogs have worked on other parts of the couch, too, but they can still sleep on it. If Zippy does in the cushions, we will have to make some adjustments.

Those three are 3/7 of the Brockhaus Fur Farm although they contribute much more than 3/7. The other four contributors are just cats.