Monday, September 13, 2010

The Three Amigos

I caught the three boys on the love seat that they have remodeled in their spare time.   I guess it is big enough for two Corgis and one collie.  

We had a big weekend.    On Saturday we went to the WI Sheep and Wool Festival in the morning.   The Corgis got tested to see if they had any herding ability, and I am happy to say that the testor said that they both had potential.    Now we just need some ambition from their human.    In the evening we went to Kenosha to my 50th (OMG) high school reunion.   It is the first reunion that I have been to.   You can guess that high school wasn't the greatest time of my life.   However, the reunion was great because two of my high school friends saved us a place at a table where there were six friends who had hung around together in the "old days".     It was great catching  up with them.   Jake was a real trouper.   He said that I go places and spend time at things that he wants to do, so............      There were over two hundred people from our class there.   The whole class was over five hundred in 1960.   I hope that anyone reading this is able to experience a 50 year reunion.

Up here on the ridge, it turned fall on September 1st.   I love this weather.  The grass is still growing like it is spring, and I am way behind on the mowing.    I am nursing a sick kitty who has failing kideys in her old age.   We are getting a new bull --maybe this week.    Jake is having the total shoulder replacement on October 25.   His right knee is totally shot, and he wishes he could have that replaced at the same time.  He will be off work for three months.   I wonder how I will be able to get him to go back.    The corn and beans look real good, and he is hoping for an early harvest so that he can get it done before the surgery.  

That is about all the news from up here.

P.S.  (To Dr. Peter:   You could leave a comment so I will know that you are still over there.)