Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Handsome, Too!

Hi, Little Beaver here,

Mom said that this is the High Ridge pin-up pose.    I think that I look just as sexy as Zippy did in his photo.    I am now almost three months old; I have ears that stand up; and I have that come hither look in my eyes.     Life is good around here.     This weekend we are having a party because Zippy is going to to have a birthday.     It should be fun if there is extra food.    I really do like to eat and run and play fight and sleep.    Like I said, "Life is good for us dogs at High Ridge!"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Room for Two?

Both of these two dogs have taken to sleeping in Jake's recliner, but I never expected to find them in it together.     I was totally surprised this morinng expecialy since Scooter often vacates anyplace when someone decided to join him.   Guess they get along quite well

Time for Westminster.    Got to go!     Hooray for Harvey, Scout and Sax!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hi,  Everybody,

It's me, Little Beaver.    This is the first time that mom has let me write some stuff on this thing she calls a blog.   Now, we, ....Mom and me,  were having an argument.    I say my ears are near perfect now.    She says we might have to put that horrid tape on them again.     I am appealing to all of you to set her straight and tell her that my ears will stand up more straight if she just loves me a lot and lets me lick her a big bunch.     It is up to you all to tell her how it is.     I am a real big boy now, and I can take it if you give her the wrong answer.   You won't will you?   

Oh, by the way, she says I am going to school tomorrow night.    I hope it isn't as bad as the ear thing she told me was going to happen. 


The  Beave

Monday, February 08, 2010

Red Ryder and Little Beaver

I was doing dishes just now, and when I turned around, there was Little Beaver with his head resting on his new best buddy, Zippy.    At that moment, nothing could have made me much happier.    Scooter loved to sleep with his head on Suni, our cocker spaniel when they were our two dogs.    The two Cardi boys play hard and run hard, but I guess Little Beaver doesn't mind if he is willing to sleep with his friend.

Little Beaver got his ears taped last night.   He sat and took that like a trouper.    The tape takes a beating in their play, but Zippy isn't bothering it.    I was worried about that.

Right now everyone is taking his afternoon nap.    Zippy is on the love seat and whimpering in his sleep.
Scooter is out flat on the floor behind me.    Little Beaver is taking his second nap outside of his crate.  He was curled up on the blanket like the photo shows, but now he is is laid out on his side.    It is quiet now,..................but it won't be for long.

This little guy is photogenic; who wouldn't love a puppy that looks like that  picture.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Garrett Could Be Right

Now, is that adorable or what?   Garrett gave him his blue blanket, and Jinnie contributed the blue collar.  I would say that he looks good in blue.   Right now he has discovered the cats to bark at and that a Nylabone can be fun to carry around.   Unfortunately, the cats are bigger than he is    The bone looks kind of funny, too.    All three dogs had a good run back and forth in the house a while ago with Zippy in the lead.    Little Beaver did not make the whole loop each time, but he got some running done.   Even Scooter got going.  

I can already see difference between the two Cardi's.   This one seems to be more of a people dog although the circumstances are different.    He is sitting under my computer chair right now.    Zippy never did that.    And, he can't  hold his licker at all.    Zippy is not a licker except when he first gets into bed at night.     Little Beaver  runs is tongue 24/7.    It will be fun to watch them grow together.

We are ready to Hit the Trail

Garrett's Crockett became Little Beaver about 12:30 yesterday afternoon.    We all survived the ride home and the first night.   Scooter is learning about having a little brother.    Sometimes we have to declare a time-out to let LB recover his dignity, but they have had moments of playing together correctly.    LB quickly learned that chairs were his friends.    They are a good place to hide from the monster corgi.   The uber-monster collie hardly knows that the puppy is here. 


As I write this the two big dogs are outside.    Little Beaver is doing his first wind sprints at his new home complete with toy in mouth.    He shouldn't want for toys.     We have a boatload.

I took three pictures which are not great.    Better ones will follow, but Blogger says I have met my picture limit for this post. 

Monday, February 01, 2010

The Wild, Wild West

Well, if you are old enough to recognize this image, I can connect with you.   Little Beaver arrives tomorrow to join his big pal, Red Ryder and his sidekick Buckskin.    Some of  you might recognize the name Red Ryder from a Christmas movie with a BB gun.  We kicked around lots of names, but finally settled on Little Beaver, who was the child sidekick of Red Ryder.    The three of them will be our version of the Wild, Wild West in Wisconsin.    If what Cardi breeders say is right, it should be wild with two Cardis in the same house.    It will be nothing like the homes with multiple Cardis, but Zippy will be so happy to have a friend to play with again.     Scooter mostly supervises.   Hopefully, Little Beaver will be a happy playmate and conspirator for Zippy.    He surely needs that now that Libby is gone.    This weekend Zippy was so happy to have his doggie cousins, Birch and Rover here for a day.  Then to top it off..........Sadie, the sheltie,  came on Sunday.    He was so happy to have doggies to play with again.    Now, Little Beaver should take up the slack in that category. 

Waiting for Little Beaver