Saturday, March 07, 2015

Winter in Wisconsin with friends

This was a rare chance to catch all my helpers at one time doing their best to help me knit.  The three corgis are usually nearby, but catching the collie helping was unusual.  The cat is another story.  He is not the "regular" house cat.  He is in rehab in the house since he is usually a barn cat.  He did not have any trouble adapting to living in the house.  JR, the real house cat, has been tolerant, and we have not had any fights, just hissing.  The biggest problem is that the black corgi, Beaver,  who is not happy with the new cat and avoids being near him.  Otherwise the cat is usually laying in the pile with the dogs. 

He is used to them since he joins them in the dog yard year round.  He is also the oldest resident on 
the farm since his mom died last fall.  I really think he will become a barn cat again since he is much too interested in the food that we eat and the countertop where we prepare the food.   Time will tell.  He is on probation.
This picture shows that Beaver didn't stay long.  He was already moving on to another place to sleep.  He is our ADHD boy.

This is the rehab center which is deconstructed now.  The two cats pictured got in a fight.  Puff, on the first floor, had a neck wound.   Little Boots on the second floor didn't have any injuries.  We took care of that and had him fixed.  Boots is in the back room now where he will stay until I think he may have bonded with this location.  And, as said previously, Puff is a house cat, with all the privileges, until his wound is completely gone.  Then we will decide where whether he goes or stays.  The big dog crates sure worked well as kitty rehab spaces.

AND..........thanks to cousin Sue Morton for the couch.  The old couch did not fit all of my fine furry friends.