Sunday, July 27, 2008

What color am I?

This is short and sweet. What is happening to my beautiful little light brown sheep? When I part her wool, it is gray at the base. Does that mean that she will be turning color right before my eyes? How sad.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our mom taught us this.....

Boy, I sure wish that these sheep would do the weed eating around all the other places that we need it here. Like my bumper sticker says, " Sheep.....Nature's natural weed wacker". Lucy has taught her twins to keep the place neat around the fence. AND.......if the fence panel should break, she is the first one to be out walking around the place when I come home. Luckily, she is addicted to animal crackers and is easy to lure back into the pasture.

Hi! My name is Nutmeg. Mom calls me Meggy. I think that I am just a little doll, and Mom thinks so, too. My brother, Sweet Woodruff, is standing right behind me. Mom was going to take his picture, too, but he was being uncooperative. She said something about "bull headed". She had an accident, so maybe she has some cognitive impairment because she used to know that he was a ram....not a bull. Just like a boy! Mom calls him Ruffy......Maybe she should call him Woody-----the way he acts.

Health update: Still on the road to recovery. My neck is giving me some pain now. Ha,ha!! Pain in the neck. Everybody was right.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This year

What you see, is what I get. That is my garden. Last year I had a volunteer pumpkin plant grow right outside my door. It produced a fine harvest and a great deal of delight watching it grow. This year, I actually planted a seed from one of the pumpkins that I was cutting up for the sheep last year. Lo, and behold, it came up. It is flowering now. I don't know if that is behind time, but I am happy to watch it grow. When I left home on the 14th, it had not started trailing, but it sure is now. I will just have to enjoy my one pumpkin plant until we have the time for a garden.

I am still on the road to recovery. I only take pain pills every six hours, and they do not leave me feeling drugged. They just take the strong pain away. I don't have any doctor's appointments today. Hooray!!! I even watered the sheep just now. They were happy to see me, I think. (I guess we just like to think that, but it makes me feel good.)

Thanks to Nancy K. and Michelle M. for your kind thoughts.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, I guess I am getting better. I saw three doctors today. First my family doctor. She sent me to the EENT. He said that I probably stunned the facial nerve that is exactly where I have my funny feelings. Then I went to the dentist. He agreed with the EENT since he didn't see anything unusual that would account for the feelings that I was experiencing. Now I am taking Davroset which seems to agree with me and does dull the pain. I just took my dogs for a mile long walk, on the road, but it sure did make them happy, I think. I am judging that on how excited they got when I got the leashes out for them to wear. They are used to walking every day, sometimes even more than once. I didn't have any trouble with the walking except for the sweating which is not related to the accident.

Since I couldn't post without a picture, what you see is my little X90 Suzuki. It is our mode of transportation until we get another SUV. Gasoline prices will just have to take a flying leap because the front end of that car along with the air bags and seat belts saved me, and we want that safety again.

Dave is progressing very well from what he tells me. That is surely another blessing.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Always wear your seat belt!!

Well, I am thankful that Chevrolet makes their cars the way they do. Last Thursday, when I was just two miles from home, coming back from Chicago, 243 miles, a bucket truck blew a stop sign in front of me. I hit him going 55 miles an hour. I hit the brakes and thought that my life had ended. The next thing I knew, I was stopped in the intersection, turned around, and alive. I opened the door, grabbed the dog, who was uninjured, and got out of the car. I proceeded to walk over to the side of the road and sit down on the edge of the ditch. The truck was in the road on its side, and I was VERY surprised to see its driver walk around the back. He was OK, too. I went to the hospital, was judged to be scraped and bruised, but not seriously injured.

I have some major bruises from the seat and shoulder belts, possibly a cracked rib low on my left side, and a strange nerve thing in my upper lip, left side and my teeth on that side. That means more doctors tomorrow.

Dave is doing fine. I was in Chicago because he had back surgery last Tuesday. It seems to have solved his problem, and he can walk upright now. That is a wonderful outcome for that problem.

We need a new car, and I need to rest and recuperate. It is another of those scenes that will always play over in my mind-----just seeing the side of that white truck and knowing that I was going to hit it very, very hard.

I had much to thank God for ever since then and in church this morning.