Monday, January 30, 2012

First Baby of 2012

It's a girl and her name is Sadie.    She wasn't planned, but here she is.    We knew she was coming and had her mom in the barn with another late baby and her mom.   She was up and nursing by the time I got into the barn this morning.     Happy me!  She got the small calf jacket, but she is bigger than I thought she was.    A regular black calf jacket will be replacing this red one soon.  

We are enjoying a week with Jake's mom and sister.    They came up to deliver a Staffordshire to Minneapolis for breeding.    They took the bitch up there yesterday, and we have the rest of the week to just do our thing.    It is great to have them to talk to for an extended period of time.    We only see them at holidays and special events.    The little school house has three dogs and two people filling it up this week.   It is serving it purpose quite well.   They also came and ran the farm and the "kennel" while we were at the hospital for the knees.    We really did not get to spend much time with them then.   This is a special time since Jake is not home like this normally.   It was nice that Sadie arrived this week.

I hope that Sadie's arrival is the first of many uneventful calf and lamb births at High Ridge this year.

Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year and Other Things

Here is all that is new at High Ridge Farm.    Jake's two new knees are well enough to have three Corgi's sitting on his lap.   When he first came home, he couldn't even handle Lady who is always first to get up on his lap.    Now Zippy spends the most time there, but he needs the chair lowered a little to make the jump.    Beaver is just happy to get up there once in a while.    I am just happy that we have made it three weeks today, and all is well.   I am handling all the barn duties, and Jake can operate the Bobcat since Saturday.    We are good to go now.    He is almost ready to drive the car and is doing his own physical therapy per Mayo clinic.  

Wisconsin weather has been odd, but today it is COLD just like is usually is.