Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mr. Zippy

This post is all about Zippy.  He is not one of those fabulous talented dogs with letters after his name, but he is an awesome Cardigan.   He is a major couch potato who is more likely to be found in the recliner with Jake.  He seldom runs....just in the evening after being outside he might come flying into the living room.  He only plays on special occasions.  He likes going for walks, but doesn't fly around..... just bounces along.  We think he is very handsome, and his main job is being the fun police when the other two corgis are playing or the cat needs correction.

Here are two of his recent activities:

First he decided that he would be much more comfortable if he laid on the two pillows at the end of the couch.

Then, the other afternoon he decided to excavate a covered place for himself on the other end of the same couch.    First he dug on the cover with hit front feet; then he crawled under the cover and was completely covered.    Finally he turned around under the cover and stuck his head out and laid down.
It was a lot of work, but somebody had to do it.   Maybe he knows that Wisconsin winter is coming.

We love our Zippy!