Wednesday, January 20, 2010


 Look carefully and you will see the pussy willows that are sprouting at my house.    I am almost as lucky as Michelle in Oregon.   ...........Sorry, it was just a way to keep my spirits  up.     It really did remind me of pussy willows.   All it was is the frozen fog we had for several days this week.

To all the wonderful dog people out there that might read this simple blog:    Would it be a bad idea for me to get another male dog?    It would be a Cardi, and it would be neutered as soon as possible.    The other two are also neutered.    Although the loss of Libby eats at my heart, I know that Zippy needs a playmate if I am to retain any semblance of sanity.    Scooter doesn't play with him like Libby did, and even though we went for two long walks today, one through deep snow, he was still going to eat my catalogs after supper.    And that was after he had run  many wind sprints from one end of the house to the other.     He just stands outside now .   Before he was always on the move.

Do you think I need to get one sex or the other?     I would love your input.    Jinnie told me how she feels about it and I value her opinion.    I just wonder what some of the other dog people think.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Frosting on the Dogs

We are having a period of frozen fog.    The dogs couldn't wait until it cleared today, so we went for our walk in the fog.     We all got frosted.    The dogs looked just adorable with their icing on their fur.    Scooter got a whole lot more than Zippy did.    It also frosted their leashes, my gloves, and my hair,too, I think.

Zippy needs much more attention since he doesn't have his Libby to take care of him.    He gets into things he has never even noticed.   I guess I sure didn't realize how much they took care of each other.    Scooter only allows himself to play once a day whether he needs it or not, so he doesn't help much with the babysitting.     We will just have to make this work until we can get a new playmate for Zippy.

Thank  you to everyone for your kind words.    Somehow this loss is the worst animal loss I have suffered in the 40 plus years I have lived with my furry friends.    All the other times, I knew that I would be losing my dog in the near future.    This shock just knocked me for a loop.    Scooter and Zippy probably don't mind he extra lovin' though.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


You certainly never know what life has to offer you on any given day.    We lost our Libby today.   The snow was very high by the far end of the fence.    It was difficult to dig out because of the layer of ice that was about half way down.    I had started to dig a mote so that she could not get up to the fence.    She was outside by herself.   The mailman must have gone by and she jumped the fence and chased after him.   He followed him up our road and to the coutry road where our road ends.    She turned west and got killed just up the road a piece.    Jake found her in the middle of the road and brought her home.    I still can't stop crying.    She had a fenced back yard, and I knew that she hated moving vehicles of any kind.    I can't help but feel responsible because  I didn't bring her in with the other dogs and because I didn't dig a mote around the fence to keep her away from it.     I have never lost a dog in an accident in the 40 years that I have dogs.   I have never even had one hurt on a road.    My poor baby; she seemed to have an obession with moving vehicles. and I didn't work hard enough to help her overcome it.    Other than that she was a sweet dog and a wonderful playmate for Zippy the corgi.    She will be sorely missed.    Jake said that she could not have suffered as her injuries were extensive, and she was dead when he found her.  

Now I fear that no one will ever sell me another dog because I was careless and let this dog escape from her fenced yard. free whereever you are and remember that we loved you and that you were a beloved member of our family.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Junior Poses for a Picture

Junior has discovered that there are outside cats living on the porch attached to the bedroom.    (also the way the dogs get out to "their" yard.     He sits and watches them when he doesn't have any other pressing things to do.

I guess I will do this one picture at a time.

The new year

The birds are very happy that I filled the feeders this morning.   The picture is taken from the kitchen window and is blurry because of that and the fact that is it snowing.   The Christmas tree is providing some shelter particularly to the cardinals.  I am glad I put it out there yesterday.   Earlier there were seven male cardinals around the feeder.   They are so brilliant in the snow.   This picture only captures Mr. Flicker just above the snowman's hat.  The cardinals fly in and out to the big fir tree in the background.    The road is not visible in the top of the shot because of the snow.   Isn't it nice that all of us in the U.S. can share in this horrible weather.    I am just kidding, but we are sure "united" in our misery.

Second picture is Zippy and Junior resting on the wool roving rug in front of the stairs.    Zippy often rests there.  

Short post since Blogger will not let me add any pictures.    Maybe more later.