Friday, November 22, 2013

Mixing dog hair and wool

What do you mean; there is dog hair in my wool?   One thing I am sure to tell anyone who buys a product of either my spinning or knitting------------There will be other types of animal hair in the product.    It could be either dog or cat---------more likely dog.   I have to sit in my computer desk chair if I want to sit alone.  I always have a friend if I sit on the couch.   I even get a friend if I sit in my platform rocker.

Yesterday and again this morning, I had five helpers while I was knitting.   Just imagine me in-between the two corgis.   However, it is not all bad.   They keep me warm, and it has become that time of the year now.  I was fine knitting this a.m. until the collie got down and the others moved away from me.    Then I was cold.   The dogs are a great joy to me most of the time.
Yesterday, as in the picture, I was knitting white wool with black Little Beaver hair mixed in.   Today it is charcoal gray with white mixed in from any one of them.   (The brown one on the end is not mine.)          snowed last night about an inch, but it is nearly clear and sunny now.

Thursday, November 07, 2013


More about wool, especially Shetland wool, at a later date.    I am seven days late with this announcement of celebration.