Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy the Chair or How the dogs would do it.

          The High Ridge version of "Occupy Wall Street".      or        How the dogs would do it.

 This is Lady; she chose the couch with an empty Pepsi bottle.

And Little Beaver chose the antique chair on the John Deere blanket.
Zippy and Scooter decided to share the recliner which tells you that Jake was not in the room or maybe at the computer.   This sharing the recliner is a new thing for them.    I never know when they will come up with some new behavior to add to their act.

I am not sure what they are protesting.   They forgot their signs.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Why I Love Living Here

Why I love living here and why cell phones rock:    Jake called me from the field where he was cutting hay.    He said that the eagle was sitting in a tree out in the pasture near where he was cutting.    I got in the cart with my camera and went out there.    I could see the eagle, but when I went through the fence and approached, he flew out of the tree.    We watched him circle, hoping he would land in the big dead elm behind our house.    We watched him land, and I took off for the house hoping to catch him on camera.    As I neared the house another eagle circled the buildings and landed in the tree.    Not one, but two bald eagles sitting in the tree behind our house.    Excellent!!!    That is why I love living here!!!!

The pictures would be lots better if a professional took them, but considering how my camera is operating or not operating these days, I am happy with what I got.    The lighting isn't great, but I can tell that they are bald eagles, and they are sitting on a tree that used to shade my rams.