Thursday, June 10, 2010

And the Winner Is............

This cow won the "whose calf will be the most flashy" contest this morning.  That is so far.   All of the other calves just have white faces and maybe a few white feet.   Little Nellie is a real flashy little heifer.

We have nine calves now.    Eight were born since last Thursday including one who was born this evening.    Today is the first double day.   The other interesting fact is the sex count.   There are seven heifers and two bull calves.   Six are red and white and look like their daddy, a Hereford.   Two are black and white.    And....of course, there is Nellie.   There are nine more cows who could calf, but at least one is not pregnant or not very far along.   The calves are adorable and fun to watch.

There are five of the new calves in this picture.   Four are easy to see, but the fifth one is laying down behind the calf that is standing and is nearly invisible from this distance.