Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kicsi update and other news from the ridge......

Kicsi and her kittens appear to be doing just fine. I moved them into a
box that I had fixed up as a birthing box, and they stayed there. For
now, all seems to be well.

I am still feeding Tony from a bottle two times a day. I just go outside and yell to him that is it time to eat, and he comes trotting up to the gate. He eats vigorously and then wishes he could have more. He also appears to be doing well.

Scooter is continuing to be a very good companion. He seems to have gotten over
his "car phobia". Since Jake put him onto the seat of the golf cart
alongside me, Scooter has no fear of the moving vehicle. He loved
riding in the golf cart and has been good in the car so far. We haven't
gonetoooooo far, but all is well at short range.

The lambs are all growing so quickly. The triplets are quite friendly, especially Fluffer. I still have no idea what I will do with those four boys. Sugar has a home here since she is a ewe lamb.

We are still waiting to see if there will be any more calves this summer.
Two cows who had calves last year have not calved. It is just a waiting

No more animal news. In house news, we have moved my shop
upstairs and turned the shop into our living room. It is wonderful. I
have never had a living room of that size. The former living room is
now the dining room. I feel like a real person now. My furniture looks
so beautiful where it is now. I have really missed having my house look
like this.

I have been somewhat busy with freezing strawberries that I bought at the produce auction. They are wonderful.

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Family

Well, it was a perfect first full day of summer. Kicsi became a new mother. She was fat and sassy when I checked her this morning about 6:00. When I came home from work at 3:00, she had four kittens under the bed in the Packer suite. There are two yellow and one gray and one tiger gray/black. Mother and children were happily nursing when I left them. I had a feeling something was up because Kicsi had not eaten much in the last 24 hours. Maybe cats are like sheep in that way.

Dr. Peter will help me with the names, I hope. He was the last one to sleep in that bed, so the honor should be given to him. If he is too busy, which he may be, I will have to use my Hungarian/English dictionary on the web to find Hungarian names for all of them. Maybe his son, Peti, could help.

More pictures as the kittens continue to grow.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


I hope I got that spelling correct. Kicsi is the latest addition to our vast herd of cats. We seem to attract them like fleas. I think they may have a six sense that tells them that coming to our farm is a "free ride". Anyway......Kicsi showed up several months ago. I thought it was a kitten. It was semi-friendly, meowing when we came into the barn and approaching closer and closer to us as time went on. When I finally managed to catch it, I took it right to the "cat house". My plan was to keep it there until I could tell what sex it was and then take it to the vet. Well....I have figured out what sex she is. She developed nipples a few weeks ago and a nice taunt belly. She is still growing, but we should be the proud owners of new kittens any day now. I am such a pushover for cats. I am excited that I will have kittens to raise and play with this summer. I will keep them in the house until they are socialized and then they can play outside all summer. Everybody will get a trip to the vet for various procedures, if you know what I mean. Her name means "little" in Hungarian, and it sure fits her because she is sooooooo small.

Back to normal

Our famous visitor has left. Today he flies home. Yesterday he left us about 1:00 to drive to O'Hare Field in Chicago. Before he left we had some more of the pizza from Wednesday night and the steak from Thursday night. He also learned to mow the grass with my Dixon mower. He is quite a speedy mower.

He will be pleased to know that Tony, the calf, is still doing fine. Inyi, I can't remember how to spell that Hungarian nickkname, hasn't arrived yet. Isci, his housemate, hasn't given me any kittens yet, and Jake will plant some of our crops this weekend. I will just do my work around here and miss my wonderful Hungarian doctor.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hungarian doctor arrives

The famous Hungarian doctor, Batar Peter, has arrived. He got here about 4:15 yesterday. We have made sure that he gets lots of exercise doing work in the barn. Luckily we have a rejected calf in there and triplet lambs with their mother. The calf is only 24 hours old, but we are feeding it because the mother rejected it. Everyone needs to be fed and loved, so we are the designated workers. The doctor is quite able and seems to learn fast.