Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day

This is what the first day of May brought to the ridge........our first real Hereford calf.   Willy was here when I went out to feed this morning.     He was a bull calf, darn, but is doing well.    His mom is one of our new cows that came to us already bred.   His name (I still name most of them.) will be Willy Mays in celebration of his arrival date on May Day. 

Yesterday I found and bought a new toy for the boys to have in their backyard.    They seem to like it.   They don't know yet, but their backyard is going to grow next weekend.    I found a  place to buy wire that matches the kind they have around the yard, so we will enlarge their play area.    They should appreciate having more room to run.  

They are not easy to photograph.    I don't know how the Cardi people do it because they get great pictures of their dogs.    As you can see Little Beaver is growing.   He is five months old now.    Zippy is doing a tremendous job of bringing up his puppy.   Jake just can't believe how easily Little Beaver has fit into our household.     He sleeps on our bed and has for about a month.  He now is left out of his crate when we are not in the house.     Today we were gone for seven hours, (not planned), and the only surprise we found when we returned was one unstuffed toy.   Someone sure did something totally right with this puppy.    Let's hope his adolescence is just as easy as his little puppy hood  has been. 

The month of April was totally wonderful "weatherwise".    It sure was nice to have good weather.   I am back to mowing the lawn and the few flowers that I have are blooming.    Jake is plowing and planting.    We are preparing for some surgery for him since he needs a total shoulder replacement.   I think it will be done at Mayo since they don't do it at our hospital.    He needs to have that done before he gets "new" knees.    They also need replacement.     He will be out of work for three months more or less with the shoulder.    It should be interesting.