Friday, June 07, 2013

Green acres

 This post is just .....'how it is today'...... for my friend in Hungary who has not seen it for more than five years.  

 This is the view from the road.   Poppy and Virginia, yesterday's calf, are the closest cows on the hill.
This is just a field.  Jake has been through it once, but, like the rest of the farm, none of it is planted yet.   No corn this year just soy beans and alfalfa if all goes well.
 This is Holly and Vinnie in the middle of the shot.   He was born this morning early.  They weren't close enough to get good pictures.  He is still trying to figure just exactly where the "milk bar" is located.
 These are some of my girls and their lambs.   They are growing so fast.   My special friend, Coco,  is on the far right.
 These are two of my little lawn mowers.   Willie and Johnny, I think..    No trimming is needed around the sheep pasture.   When the lambs were real young,  they went in and out of the pasture on this side whenever they pleased.
 My handsome twins.   Campbell in front and Carrie to the left of him.   Their mom is to the left of Carrie and back some.
This is the 'forest' and the dog yard.   Grass needs mowing, for sure, but can't mow when it doesn't stop raining.    This afternoon might be a possibility, but I am off to my knitting group.   Maybe it will be dry enough for a little cutting before I go.

To Peti:   Hope the flooding of the Danube that you mentioned is less than expected.  Our big river has been quite well behaved this year even though we have gotten so much rain.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Finally.............a calf

It sure took long enough!    We have been waiting, not too patiently, for this calf to arrive.   Today she made her appearance.   She was just what I asked for..........healthy, female, and red.   Tonight we observed her nursing, so she is on her way in this new environment.   She will be named Virginia. Her mom is one of the cows that we brought up here when we came from Kenosha.   She isn't young, but she is productive and friendly.

Lambs are growing fat and sassy.   All the sheep look wonderful because all it does is rain which keeps their wool looking good.   Our weather is the exact opposite of last year.    Jake can't even get into the fields to do the planting because everything is so wet.  Best thing about it is that the grass in the pastures is growing like crazy.   We really are "green acres" right now.