Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More progress

Maggie had her babies. Early Monday morning, Bruno, the dad, woke Todd up, and he heard squealing. Maggie had already delivered one baby. He decided that if she did one, she could keep going- which she did. When she was done, there were six, two boys and four girls. He had tried to get a vet, but would have had to use an emergency survice. He thought that she was going into labor. Guess he was right. His vet was very surprised that Maggie delivered the puppies on her own. I guess that is kind of rare. Last night one of the girls dogs died. Todd said earlier when I talked to him that he was worried about her. Otherwise, all seem to be doing well. Maggie is being quite a good mother. I am not surprised since I found her to be a real nice dog both times I met her.

Yesterday, Jake took the day off work. We went into Sparta and ordered two windows for the kitchen and then went to an antique/used store just to look. Well, wouldn't you know it, but they had a cabinet that would fit on the counter to cover where there used to be a door. We went back and bought it, and Jake secured it to the counter. It will be moved several times before it reaches it final spot, but it will be in approximately the same place that it is now. It will cover the new logs that will have to be positioned where the door was cut out. Now, if we can just get the two new windows installed, that will be a wonderful improvement to the kitchen.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Naked Ladies

I just like the sound of that phrase. Naked Ladies. Everybody got shorn last Friday, a real milestone in the year for a shepherdess. They all got their shots on Tuesday. Now we just have to wait to see if we are going to have lambs. Millie looks huge, but she is a pig and has a weight problem. They wouldn't be due until the end of April, so I guess they have time to pork up yet. I will try to be patient. They are stil in the barn, and it is such fun to go out and sit with them.

My kitchen is even more primitive this week. Last Sunday Jake took down the ceiling and exposed the rafters. Now he can look at it and do his "thinking". When he decides to do it, he will know what he wants to do. Yesterday he found a dealer where we can get our windows. It is local and on his way home from work. No extra trip needed. That is good with the cost of gas what it is.

Todd is on high-powered antibiotics through a "pick" line twice a day. He has found out that he is anemic, also. No reason so far. For someone who didn't have much energy anyway, he is really lethargic now. At least, I think that he is paying attention to what he eats. I suggested liver sausage. We used to eat it all the time when he was young. He even listened to me. His "lady in waiting" is getting huge and slow. Thursday he takes her to get x-rayed. That should give him an idea how many little creatures she is expecting. I hope he can handle all that he will have to do when they arrive. It will certainly be a new experience for him.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Here we go again, I hope.

We have started again. The pictures show Jake taking down the cupboards in the kitchen and then later how it looks when the coverings and plaster are removed. The idea is to get the ceiling taken down. That can't be done until the wall was removed since the ceiling went in first. Here we go again. The "I hope" is me just wanting to make some progress. It helps with my disposition.

Update on Todd: His infection reared its ugly head again on his shoulder last Wednesday. The infectious disease doctor, another doctor added to the mix, wants to administer high power antibiotics through a "pick" line. Last night Todd was ready to just go to Chicago and have the whole mess removed next week. This morning, the doctor convinced him to try two weeks of the treatment. The doctor feels that the infection is near the surface and not in the pocket where the device resides. The drug will have to be administered twice a day, once in the doctor's office and once at home. Todd feels like he just can't catch a break with this whole thing. Prayers are needed. I hope that his pregnant bitch will help take his mind off of this additional problem. She is due at the end of March, and it is the first time that Todd has done the "puppy thing". Pictures to follow when that all comes down.