Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Stepping Up!!

Another time when the pictures do not show up. These pictures go with the previous text.

Stepping Up!

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Here are the before and after pictures of how
the kitchen looks as you come in the door of our house. The stairs are
gone. There was both a downstairs and upstairs set. They went down on
Sunday. It really enlarges the kitchen and makes the cook very happy.
That is an understatement. The new stairs are under construction. They
will just be going upstairs since there is another stairway to the
basement in the shop.....soon to be the living room. The stringers were
cut tonight, and one is standing in what was the office. It will be up
against a wall and take up so much less space. I can hardly wait since
when they go up, my quilting machine will follow them into the
upstairs. That will free up the shop to be a living room and give us so
much more space on the first floor. There will be a lot of work to do
in the upstairs, but so what? I am not allergic to work. I just wish
that I could do more of the construction work.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Florida and bulldogs (2)

Don't ask me why these pictures were not published with the text.

Florida and bulldogs

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This is Todd's townhouse in Fort Lauderdale and his truck sitting out in front of it. It is new construction and surprisingly quiet. It amazes me how they can plant vegetation and have it look like it has been there for years. In the north that could not happen. He said after the hurricane, a year and a half ago, many of the trees were down. Things are different there in many ways.

Now, the bulldogs are another story. Bruno, pictured with Todd, is a hoot. He is
the proverbial bulldog......stubborn as the day is long. Likes to be
sweet-talked. I don't know if that is a bulldog trait, but he doesn't
like being told to do things. He would rather be sweet-talked. The
other picture is Maggie. She and I got on famously. I really liked her.
I guess it was a woman thing. She followed me everywhere. Maybe that
was because she was still sort of a puppy. She is only about 9 months
old. The truth is.........I liked her best. I think Bruno was just a
little toooooooooo independent for me. I guess that is because he is Todd's dog. They are quite a pair.

Todd would like to move back up to Chicago. If he does and can't find a
place to live right away.............I get to keep the dogs while he
stays with friends. That would be fun. I wonder if Suni could handle
that. If she couldn't, they would have to live in the other house by
themselves. I would rather have them here. It would be a real "Super
Circus". (Remember that???? All you people from the Chicago area would
surely remember "Super Circus". But I guess that dates me. So
what???????? Being old is surely better than the alternative!!!!!)

Real winter

I have been in Florida. I left on Thursday, February 22. The STORM came on Friday, February 23. You would have thought that I had planned it. I didn't. I left Jake with a _____load of work moving snow. He couldn't get to work on Saturday, but he did go in on Sunday afternoon and work until Monday morning. What a mess. We had upwards of 24 inches of snow. So far, there haven't been any tragedies. I came home on Monday evening and haven't left this place since then. The second storm came on Thursday and has lasted until now, Saturday morning. Another mess!! Sure glad that someone invented the "skid loader". It does more than double duty.

The sheep are confined by the snow and can barely get out of their sheds. The boys can stand on top of the snow in one place. That gets a bit worrisome. Even the cows don't go out of the lean-to. Next week is supposed to have days above freezing. That will be a welcome mess. High Ridge is ready for spring.