Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bullen Birthday Club

For want of a better term, this is most of the members of the Bullen Birthday Club. Two people were missing when we got together on Saturday night at Tammy's house in Franklin. I have not been with them since last January due to the distance and the gas prices. The group was formed in adversity when we all taught at Bullen Middle School together. None of them teach there now. Three of us are retired, and several of them are envious of our position.......not without good reason. We are a diverse group and span the age barrier. One, who we are vastly proud of, is pursuing her Phd degree. We range from single to engaged to divorced to married. The married members are in all stages of married life. Some are grandparents many times over. One works in an administrative type position; two teach in a college part time. We span the width of teaching including math, 3 languages, reading, English, social studies and science. It is an unusual link that brought us together and forced us to start gathering when we were all employed in the same school. Adversity has its good points since it brought us all together. What a blessing. I am so happy that I am part of this group although I have lost touch since I am the only one who has moved hours from Kenosha. It is worth every minute for me to travel to the east to meet with this group of dedicated teachers and wonderful human beings. There I have said my piece, and everyone can know how I feel about the members of the Bullen Birthday Club.

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