Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010-----and Good Riddance

No bragging and happy rememberences of 2010.    As far as I am concerned...........the whole year sucked!

We lost Jake's dad, our young collie, four cows and their calves, one of our inside kitties and will have to sell all the heifer calves that were born alive.    I wasn't able to breed any sheep because of Jake's illness.

Jake was sick for nine weeks and is still recovering.

What was good about it?    Jake's total shoulder replacement is making excellent progress.  We have a new Cardigan Welsh Corgi who is a real joy.    I have been healthy.   I had a great time at my high school reunion.   Our crops were successful even though it took some wonderful friends to get the corn all harvested.   I got an extension on my dog yard for Mothers' Day.   I bought a beautiful polled ram .....even though I wasn't able to use him.   The corn we grew is heating our house.

Looking back on it, it is difficult to remember the good things that happened, but maybe time will take care of that.     We are looking forward to a much better 2011 and wish everyone who reads this has the same.

Happy New Year!!!


Sharrie, Jake, Scooter, Zippy, Little Beaver, Toonces, Pansy, and Junior    ----- in the house

Fat Mom, Puff, Junie, Spotty, Itschi, Gray, Goldy, Schnuffels, Shaggy, and Booty - outside cats

About 40 cows, calves, steers, and a bull, and 11 ewes and 6 rams

All total =  High Ridge Farm

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Climb Every Mountain

Little Beaver is Mr. Adventure.   I knew that he would climb the mountain in the back yard, but I wanted a picture of him on top.    It is easier said than done.    He needed some incentive, so I thought throwing a toy up there would induce him up to the top.   It was not to be. 

He needed me to convince him that getting to the top was a worthy goal.   With me there, Zippy was the first one to make it up followed by LB who made it to the tip top.    You can't really get an idea of how tall the snow pile is from this view.   It must be close to seven feet at the top.   Jake had to take the Bobcat in there to create a path for the boys to run on.   They were very thankful because it was much to deep for Cardi legs before the Bobcat came.   Now they have a figure eight path to chase on, and all three of them are enjoying it.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

                     Little Beaver on bunk bed with the doggy bed that Grandma Helen gave him.

 Junior is real happy that the bucket to fill the humidifier is in the house now.

We got home again last night about 10:45.    We had to talk our way out after they changed their minds about discharging Jake.    This morning we went to the clinic for dressing change, but now we are settled in again.   I have enough work for weeks, but I will get it done whenever I get it done.   Jake is out of the fancy sling and will start physical therapy on the shoulder on Thursday.    He is really happy to have the  use of his left arm again.    There is no pain there, and he was given the green light to start it working again.

His Cardigan WC's are back to their nursing chores.    They especially are good at helping him nap and sleep at night and making him smile.    Such hard workers!

Thanks for all  your well wishes.   His continued good health will be all that I need for Christmas this year.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Setback # 2

Jake has been back at Mayo, St. Mary's, since last Thursday night.   He even got an ambulance ride up here.  There are still no definite answers about what caused his problems.    He might get to go home on Tuesday.    2010 has not been a good year for us.

Note to Peti:    Now you know why I wasn't there to answer your phone call.........if you called.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Jake had to reenter Mayo Clinic Methodist Hospital on Thursday night.   The incision was infected.   They reopened and cleaned the site on Friday morning.    Now he is recovering in the hospital probably until Tuesday.     We left home with no plans of being away for very long.    I came back this afternoon--two  whole days later.    That shower sure felt good tonight. 

I am going back Sunday evening so that I will be there when the doctors return on Monday to make sure I know how to handle the new situation.   When it rains, it pours.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Versatile Nursing Assistants

I can even get help from the nursing assistants.   I  got three of them to help me.    They go out to help feed the cow in the cow hospital.   Then they go along to feed the rams who are confined to a small area together getting to know Bailleys.    Jake, the real patient, caught us coming back to the house to let them off before I put the cart away.    Who could ask for anything more?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Recovery with furry assistance

This was the scene this afternoon.    Jake is six days post surgery and doing well.   The passive exercises are difficult for both of us.    He takes naps, but seldom alone.   There is a recliner under the blanket in this picture.   The corgis decided to join  him.  It doesn't take much to convince them to take a nap.

A friend came by to put out bales for the cattle and sheep.   It was much appreciated since I don't want to try to do that with the Bobcat.   Jake is mobile, but he must keep the sling (with pillow keeping it about six inches out from his body) on for six weeks.   It  has already gotten old.   I hope that his knees will improve with the lack of abuse while he recovers.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Through the fence

He's got his eye on you!    Our newest sheep......a polled ram from Upper Michigan.......Bailleys.   Who couldn't love a sheep the color of milk chocolate?..........besides the fact that he is a wonderful young man.
 Our house guest.    He isn't quite four months old.    The Cardis think they liked him better when he just came for a short visist.
 Little do they know just how big he will be in the future.    Then, I think, he will calm down a bit.
 Pearl and Sammy who rush to the fence because they know I carry treats.
Our newest cat, Boots.   He is big and intact and friendly.   He recently joined Shaggy, a striped tomcat, who came earlier.    They both need to visit the friendly neighborhood vet clinic.   Someday I will take a picture of the big red "S" on my forehead.   Those cats see it and decide to join the group on our farm.

Welcome to fall!

                              The boys decided to wait for me on the nature trail part of our path.
                                           This tree decided to be the brightest on this  year.

                                                 The tail end of all three boys as they explore.
                                   Nearly back to the house.   Zippy even got tired out on this trip.
      The Cardis were just awesome looking in the fall leaves, but the photographer wasn't up to par.

The autumn has been just about as wonderful as the summer was awful.    Jake has the beans off the field, and the combine is set up for corn.   He says that I will drive the combine after his surgery.    He will ride shotgun and give the orders on what to do.   That should be a real adventure.   The surgery is a week from today, and we go to Mayo for a physical on Wednesday.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Three Amigos

I caught the three boys on the love seat that they have remodeled in their spare time.   I guess it is big enough for two Corgis and one collie.  

We had a big weekend.    On Saturday we went to the WI Sheep and Wool Festival in the morning.   The Corgis got tested to see if they had any herding ability, and I am happy to say that the testor said that they both had potential.    Now we just need some ambition from their human.    In the evening we went to Kenosha to my 50th (OMG) high school reunion.   It is the first reunion that I have been to.   You can guess that high school wasn't the greatest time of my life.   However, the reunion was great because two of my high school friends saved us a place at a table where there were six friends who had hung around together in the "old days".     It was great catching  up with them.   Jake was a real trouper.   He said that I go places and spend time at things that he wants to do, so............      There were over two hundred people from our class there.   The whole class was over five hundred in 1960.   I hope that anyone reading this is able to experience a 50 year reunion.

Up here on the ridge, it turned fall on September 1st.   I love this weather.  The grass is still growing like it is spring, and I am way behind on the mowing.    I am nursing a sick kitty who has failing kideys in her old age.   We are getting a new bull --maybe this week.    Jake is having the total shoulder replacement on October 25.   His right knee is totally shot, and he wishes he could have that replaced at the same time.  He will be off work for three months.   I wonder how I will be able to get him to go back.    The corn and beans look real good, and he is hoping for an early harvest so that he can get it done before the surgery.  

That is about all the news from up here.

P.S.  (To Dr. Peter:   You could leave a comment so I will know that you are still over there.)

Monday, August 23, 2010


This is prototype #1 for our new sheep feeders.  Due to the impending total shoulder replacement at Mayo Clinic for the "farmer",  we needed to find a way to eliminate the use of small square bales which I have been feeding to the sheep.  After extensive research, he settled on this design and made up this prototype.   So far it is working very well, but it has only been in place since Sunday.   The rams got their model tonight with heavier gates to accommodate for their horny behavior.  The five of them around the feeder is about the right number, and maybe the girls will have to have two feeders in their pasture.  It is real crowded if all eleven of them crowd around the feeder when they all get hungry at the same time.   I will enjoy not having to feed them every morning and evening.  They still start up their noise when they see me outside.  They will learn.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

It's August Now

Jake and his new invention to cut down my mowing time.   He bought an old Dixon for cheap which the dealer stripped down.    Then he added the hitch so that it towed alongside the mower.     Now, when I get brave enough, I can cut twice as wide on the paths around the farm.

Junior in my new weaving bench.    I don't have a picture of the loom, but I finally got my friend to sell me her loom from Sievers.    It folds up and fits upstairs.    Having her come to visit motivated me to get the upstairs rearranged to make room for the loom.

Little Beaver posing last week.  He is a wonderful little guy except for the marking he was doing around the house.     Hopefully, his "surgery" will take care of most of that.

The boys and two of their three cats.     One is alongside Zippy and the other one is climbing the fence.  The ladder helped when Jake put the new window and the window AC in the  upstairs.     Now I can work up there during the summer.     It was impossible up there this summer.    It is so nice to be able to see out of that window.   

Since Memorial Day we have had a real set back in our cattle raising operation.    We have lost three cows and four calves because of large calves that couldn't even be pulled.   Two of the cows had to be put down.    It has been heartbreaking.    We thought we were doing so well.    Our vet says that all of the get from this bull will carry the gene for the large calves which means we will not keep the bull or his offspring.     That leaves us with two heifers from cows that we bought bred to another bull  instead of eight heifers to add to our herd.  -------  This has been a hard pill to swallow.    Hobby foot!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

And the Winner Is............

This cow won the "whose calf will be the most flashy" contest this morning.  That is so far.   All of the other calves just have white faces and maybe a few white feet.   Little Nellie is a real flashy little heifer.

We have nine calves now.    Eight were born since last Thursday including one who was born this evening.    Today is the first double day.   The other interesting fact is the sex count.   There are seven heifers and two bull calves.   Six are red and white and look like their daddy, a Hereford.   Two are black and white.    And....of course, there is Nellie.   There are nine more cows who could calf, but at least one is not pregnant or not very far along.   The calves are adorable and fun to watch.

There are five of the new calves in this picture.   Four are easy to see, but the fifth one is laying down behind the calf that is standing and is nearly invisible from this distance.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day

This is what the first day of May brought to the ridge........our first real Hereford calf.   Willy was here when I went out to feed this morning.     He was a bull calf, darn, but is doing well.    His mom is one of our new cows that came to us already bred.   His name (I still name most of them.) will be Willy Mays in celebration of his arrival date on May Day. 

Yesterday I found and bought a new toy for the boys to have in their backyard.    They seem to like it.   They don't know yet, but their backyard is going to grow next weekend.    I found a  place to buy wire that matches the kind they have around the yard, so we will enlarge their play area.    They should appreciate having more room to run.  

They are not easy to photograph.    I don't know how the Cardi people do it because they get great pictures of their dogs.    As you can see Little Beaver is growing.   He is five months old now.    Zippy is doing a tremendous job of bringing up his puppy.   Jake just can't believe how easily Little Beaver has fit into our household.     He sleeps on our bed and has for about a month.  He now is left out of his crate when we are not in the house.     Today we were gone for seven hours, (not planned), and the only surprise we found when we returned was one unstuffed toy.   Someone sure did something totally right with this puppy.    Let's hope his adolescence is just as easy as his little puppy hood  has been. 

The month of April was totally wonderful "weatherwise".    It sure was nice to have good weather.   I am back to mowing the lawn and the few flowers that I have are blooming.    Jake is plowing and planting.    We are preparing for some surgery for him since he needs a total shoulder replacement.   I think it will be done at Mayo since they don't do it at our hospital.    He needs to have that done before he gets "new" knees.    They also need replacement.     He will be out of work for three months more or less with the shoulder.    It should be interesting. 

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter

 Hope that everyone has a wonderful spring weekend.    Here in WI we are still looking surprised that the weather has been so warm all the way through March and now into April.     After we got a few drops of rain last evening, everything looks twice as green this morning.

As  you can see, the Beave is a fast mover whenever he choses.    The two Cardis  aka  Beavis and Butthead  are enjoying the green grass and warm temperatures.     So far they have not been naughty outside.    I am sure that will not last, but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

We won't be having any lambs this year, and our shearing got done a week ago.    We are expecting calves near the end of spring.    Other than that there are fields to ready for planting and much to do to remove the debris left by the winter.   Taking the dogs walking on the road and on the path around the farm are also priorities since I value what sanity I have left.    Evenings are much too wild when we cannot get out and get our exercise.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Growing Up...........

Hi,  Everybody,.........................Little Beaver here...........

Mom said I could tell  you my news.    I am growing up!!!!    I have lost at least two of the teeth that Mom calls my "pincers".     She says they pinch her arm when I give her "love bites".    What do I know?

 How do you like my "arrangement"?    It has everything that I need............ toys, a place to sleep, steps for me to climb.    Mom laughs real loud when I climb up there and dig for the toys that I want to play with.    I was digging when she got her camera, but I knew that I should pose for a really good shot.   I wanted you to see how I am growing up to be a handsome lad.   I am even bigger now because this is already eleven days ago, and I grow fast!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Again........No Picture

On our second walk today, we had another highlight.    We were on our way back home walking on the road when a bald eagle flew over us toward the house.      At the house, he turned around and flew over us again.    Wow!!!!!    That was cool!    We have seen lots of eagles, especially by the Missisisippi, but we had not seen one around our house.   The eagle was quite low about twice the height of the utility lines.  

I hope he didn't think that Little Beaver looked like lunch.

What did you expect?????????

Well, duh!!!!   Anyone knows that if you go into the fields tooooooo soon--- all  you get is mud and water.
BUT...........I just couldn't stand walking on the road anymore.    When we got to the corner on the road, we took off into the field to return home.     It was muddy, but we have been muddy before.    We kept going until we got to the area where the berm was located to direct the water and hold the soil.    Long story short........Scooter and I both were forced to ford the ditch which looked frozen.........but wasn't.   Lucky Cardi's, they just kept going unto the high ground mostly on top of the snow/slush.    Scooter, Mr. Timid, had to continue across the ditch through the water to get to where we were.  Little Beaver even ventured out a few feet to encourage his big furry friend.    Scooter got over it.     I was up to mid-calf in quite cold water, but laughing all the way.     It was so good to get out on the land again.   

Little Beaver had his first time really off leash.    His recall is pretty good.     He follows Zippy like a little black and white shadow.     Just as we had gotten back, almost to the lawn and the baby forest, they both took off across the alfalfa field after a bunch of birds.    When the birds flew, they returned to my call.   (Thank heaven!!)

Now my shoes and pants are in the washer, and the pups are wiped off.    Why bother with getting them sanitary??.................we drag mud and sand in here all the time in the late winter

AND................there were red winged blackbirds on the wires when we were walking on the road.    Spring is almost here.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

He Ain't Heavy........

He, ain't heavy, he's my brother.      When Zippy literally flopped down on the rug,  Little Beaver decided to join him.  They were tired from a wild run that they had around the house and through the furniture and the tunnel.   I guess they are getting along just fine.  LB is three months old. now.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Handsome, Too!

Hi, Little Beaver here,

Mom said that this is the High Ridge pin-up pose.    I think that I look just as sexy as Zippy did in his photo.    I am now almost three months old; I have ears that stand up; and I have that come hither look in my eyes.     Life is good around here.     This weekend we are having a party because Zippy is going to to have a birthday.     It should be fun if there is extra food.    I really do like to eat and run and play fight and sleep.    Like I said, "Life is good for us dogs at High Ridge!"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Room for Two?

Both of these two dogs have taken to sleeping in Jake's recliner, but I never expected to find them in it together.     I was totally surprised this morinng expecialy since Scooter often vacates anyplace when someone decided to join him.   Guess they get along quite well

Time for Westminster.    Got to go!     Hooray for Harvey, Scout and Sax!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hi,  Everybody,

It's me, Little Beaver.    This is the first time that mom has let me write some stuff on this thing she calls a blog.   Now, we, ....Mom and me,  were having an argument.    I say my ears are near perfect now.    She says we might have to put that horrid tape on them again.     I am appealing to all of you to set her straight and tell her that my ears will stand up more straight if she just loves me a lot and lets me lick her a big bunch.     It is up to you all to tell her how it is.     I am a real big boy now, and I can take it if you give her the wrong answer.   You won't will you?   

Oh, by the way, she says I am going to school tomorrow night.    I hope it isn't as bad as the ear thing she told me was going to happen. 


The  Beave

Monday, February 08, 2010

Red Ryder and Little Beaver

I was doing dishes just now, and when I turned around, there was Little Beaver with his head resting on his new best buddy, Zippy.    At that moment, nothing could have made me much happier.    Scooter loved to sleep with his head on Suni, our cocker spaniel when they were our two dogs.    The two Cardi boys play hard and run hard, but I guess Little Beaver doesn't mind if he is willing to sleep with his friend.

Little Beaver got his ears taped last night.   He sat and took that like a trouper.    The tape takes a beating in their play, but Zippy isn't bothering it.    I was worried about that.

Right now everyone is taking his afternoon nap.    Zippy is on the love seat and whimpering in his sleep.
Scooter is out flat on the floor behind me.    Little Beaver is taking his second nap outside of his crate.  He was curled up on the blanket like the photo shows, but now he is is laid out on his side.    It is quiet now,..................but it won't be for long.

This little guy is photogenic; who wouldn't love a puppy that looks like that  picture.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Garrett Could Be Right

Now, is that adorable or what?   Garrett gave him his blue blanket, and Jinnie contributed the blue collar.  I would say that he looks good in blue.   Right now he has discovered the cats to bark at and that a Nylabone can be fun to carry around.   Unfortunately, the cats are bigger than he is    The bone looks kind of funny, too.    All three dogs had a good run back and forth in the house a while ago with Zippy in the lead.    Little Beaver did not make the whole loop each time, but he got some running done.   Even Scooter got going.  

I can already see difference between the two Cardi's.   This one seems to be more of a people dog although the circumstances are different.    He is sitting under my computer chair right now.    Zippy never did that.    And, he can't  hold his licker at all.    Zippy is not a licker except when he first gets into bed at night.     Little Beaver  runs is tongue 24/7.    It will be fun to watch them grow together.

We are ready to Hit the Trail

Garrett's Crockett became Little Beaver about 12:30 yesterday afternoon.    We all survived the ride home and the first night.   Scooter is learning about having a little brother.    Sometimes we have to declare a time-out to let LB recover his dignity, but they have had moments of playing together correctly.    LB quickly learned that chairs were his friends.    They are a good place to hide from the monster corgi.   The uber-monster collie hardly knows that the puppy is here. 


As I write this the two big dogs are outside.    Little Beaver is doing his first wind sprints at his new home complete with toy in mouth.    He shouldn't want for toys.     We have a boatload.

I took three pictures which are not great.    Better ones will follow, but Blogger says I have met my picture limit for this post. 

Monday, February 01, 2010

The Wild, Wild West

Well, if you are old enough to recognize this image, I can connect with you.   Little Beaver arrives tomorrow to join his big pal, Red Ryder and his sidekick Buckskin.    Some of  you might recognize the name Red Ryder from a Christmas movie with a BB gun.  We kicked around lots of names, but finally settled on Little Beaver, who was the child sidekick of Red Ryder.    The three of them will be our version of the Wild, Wild West in Wisconsin.    If what Cardi breeders say is right, it should be wild with two Cardis in the same house.    It will be nothing like the homes with multiple Cardis, but Zippy will be so happy to have a friend to play with again.     Scooter mostly supervises.   Hopefully, Little Beaver will be a happy playmate and conspirator for Zippy.    He surely needs that now that Libby is gone.    This weekend Zippy was so happy to have his doggie cousins, Birch and Rover here for a day.  Then to top it off..........Sadie, the sheltie,  came on Sunday.    He was so happy to have doggies to play with again.    Now, Little Beaver should take up the slack in that category. 

Waiting for Little Beaver 


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


 Look carefully and you will see the pussy willows that are sprouting at my house.    I am almost as lucky as Michelle in Oregon.   ...........Sorry, it was just a way to keep my spirits  up.     It really did remind me of pussy willows.   All it was is the frozen fog we had for several days this week.

To all the wonderful dog people out there that might read this simple blog:    Would it be a bad idea for me to get another male dog?    It would be a Cardi, and it would be neutered as soon as possible.    The other two are also neutered.    Although the loss of Libby eats at my heart, I know that Zippy needs a playmate if I am to retain any semblance of sanity.    Scooter doesn't play with him like Libby did, and even though we went for two long walks today, one through deep snow, he was still going to eat my catalogs after supper.    And that was after he had run  many wind sprints from one end of the house to the other.     He just stands outside now .   Before he was always on the move.

Do you think I need to get one sex or the other?     I would love your input.    Jinnie told me how she feels about it and I value her opinion.    I just wonder what some of the other dog people think.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Frosting on the Dogs

We are having a period of frozen fog.    The dogs couldn't wait until it cleared today, so we went for our walk in the fog.     We all got frosted.    The dogs looked just adorable with their icing on their fur.    Scooter got a whole lot more than Zippy did.    It also frosted their leashes, my gloves, and my hair,too, I think.

Zippy needs much more attention since he doesn't have his Libby to take care of him.    He gets into things he has never even noticed.   I guess I sure didn't realize how much they took care of each other.    Scooter only allows himself to play once a day whether he needs it or not, so he doesn't help much with the babysitting.     We will just have to make this work until we can get a new playmate for Zippy.

Thank  you to everyone for your kind words.    Somehow this loss is the worst animal loss I have suffered in the 40 plus years I have lived with my furry friends.    All the other times, I knew that I would be losing my dog in the near future.    This shock just knocked me for a loop.    Scooter and Zippy probably don't mind he extra lovin' though.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


You certainly never know what life has to offer you on any given day.    We lost our Libby today.   The snow was very high by the far end of the fence.    It was difficult to dig out because of the layer of ice that was about half way down.    I had started to dig a mote so that she could not get up to the fence.    She was outside by herself.   The mailman must have gone by and she jumped the fence and chased after him.   He followed him up our road and to the coutry road where our road ends.    She turned west and got killed just up the road a piece.    Jake found her in the middle of the road and brought her home.    I still can't stop crying.    She had a fenced back yard, and I knew that she hated moving vehicles of any kind.    I can't help but feel responsible because  I didn't bring her in with the other dogs and because I didn't dig a mote around the fence to keep her away from it.     I have never lost a dog in an accident in the 40 years that I have dogs.   I have never even had one hurt on a road.    My poor baby; she seemed to have an obession with moving vehicles. and I didn't work hard enough to help her overcome it.    Other than that she was a sweet dog and a wonderful playmate for Zippy the corgi.    She will be sorely missed.    Jake said that she could not have suffered as her injuries were extensive, and she was dead when he found her.  

Now I fear that no one will ever sell me another dog because I was careless and let this dog escape from her fenced yard. free whereever you are and remember that we loved you and that you were a beloved member of our family.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Junior Poses for a Picture

Junior has discovered that there are outside cats living on the porch attached to the bedroom.    (also the way the dogs get out to "their" yard.     He sits and watches them when he doesn't have any other pressing things to do.

I guess I will do this one picture at a time.

The new year

The birds are very happy that I filled the feeders this morning.   The picture is taken from the kitchen window and is blurry because of that and the fact that is it snowing.   The Christmas tree is providing some shelter particularly to the cardinals.  I am glad I put it out there yesterday.   Earlier there were seven male cardinals around the feeder.   They are so brilliant in the snow.   This picture only captures Mr. Flicker just above the snowman's hat.  The cardinals fly in and out to the big fir tree in the background.    The road is not visible in the top of the shot because of the snow.   Isn't it nice that all of us in the U.S. can share in this horrible weather.    I am just kidding, but we are sure "united" in our misery.

Second picture is Zippy and Junior resting on the wool roving rug in front of the stairs.    Zippy often rests there.  

Short post since Blogger will not let me add any pictures.    Maybe more later.