Thursday, May 31, 2012

Minnie Me

I think her name will be Minnie Me.    She is a carbon copy of her mom, hence mini me, with a new spelling to honor my maternal grandmother, the farm wife, Minnie Lauer.   I can't get enough of watching the two of them together.   Cleo is the most possessive of the three moms so far, and Minnie is on her like glue.   Of course, today, Minnie is more adventuresome, and Cleo is a little more lenient.  I guess my  excess interest in these lambs is tied to the fact that I haven't had lambs in some years, and the fact that only four of them were bred.

 I am not getting much done these days.   Oh, well, it is cold and rainy today and too wet to plant my few remaining plants.    The way it is going, I am beginning to wonder if we will still get another temperature below freezing.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cleo's time has come.

Here is Cleo's shaela gulmoget ewe lamb.   She was born this noon.   Unfortunately her twin brother was stillborn.    I am more than thrilled with her.   Cleo feels the same.   Sorry her eye is closed.   I guess she is camera shy.    It won't be long if things continue along  -- that she will join the three other little girls in the pasture.

The other three are growing and racing around with many fancy leaping maneuvers included in the routine.   Two out of three of them are very friendly  --- bordering on pesky.    But........I love them that way.    Cleo's little one is unnamed, but I am working on keeping her friendly and easily handled.

Becky's girls must be very strong --- they reproduced themselves very well.    They gave me two beautiful lambs.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Meet Juni B

Well, Darla did a great job, too.    This is Juni B, her single ewe lamb from this morning.   She is good sized being a single -  weighs about 8 pounds.     My weighing mechanism is not "state of the art".   Beth, my friend who is visiting, helped, and between the two of us, the weight may be a bit inaccurate.    But Juni B is a might bigger than Toonces from Pia.    Juni B is the spittin image of her mother and super friendly just like her mom.

Thanks, Becky, for selling Darla to me.    She is a real precious ewe, and now she has a daughter at my house.  I am so happy to have a healthy ewe lamb delivered with no help from me.

Friday, May 04, 2012


Finally we have lambs at High Ridge.   Pia  had a set of ewe lambs yesterday.   They are a pound and a half different in weight, but both seem to be doing fine.    She did great for a new mother, since the whole thing was a total surprise to me.   Pia was my lamb who broke her leg when she was just months old.    Their dad is Bailey's, who Bubba resembles in color except for the stray white hairs on her head.   They are named Toonces and Bubba,  after our two cats that we had for nearly 20 years. 

 Darla is showing signs this morning of pre-labor, so maybe these two will have some playmates soon.