Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finally somthing pleasant to report...........

The good thing is that today was shearing day.   This is seven of the girls with their winter coats still keeping them warm in the six inches of snow we had on Sunday night.
 This is all of the girls in the same snow.
 And another picture of six of them.
This is a very immodest picture of Coco.    At least Brian covered up here lovely little blossoming bag.    The other good news is that all five of my girls are pregnant.   Yahoo!!!   It is very difficult to tell if a sheep is pregnant when they are in full coat.    You can only tell for sure as they start to "bag up", and it is hard to tell that when they are standing and just starting.    When Brian turned them over, it was obvious.    I have been "feeling them up" for about two weeks, and it wasn't a sure thing for any of them.
This is Brian, my new shearer.    He got all five of the pregnant ewes sheared and also the two boys today.    He will come back next Wednesday and do the other four ewes.   I am fine with that.  
He is not fast, but he is gentle with the sheep.    The not fast part is why I changed shearers.    I need someone who shows that he is making sure the fleece is in the best condition it can be when it comes off the sheep.    The fleece is all important to someone who has sheep so that their wool can be used.  My fleeces do not get thrown on a truck in a big bundle.    They stay with me until someone buys them, or I create something out of them after they have been washed and carded and spun and knitted.

I will get off my sheep soapbox and tell you---- I am one, crazy, happy, old woman tonight!!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Corgi Snowplow Tunnels

I witnessed two little corgi dogs playing snowplow this afternoon.  (Jake must have rubbed off on them.)   Here I am shoveling trails for them to run on since the snow is so deep, even deeper after the snow and wind yesterday, and I see Lady just head full speed into a huge drift.    Her drift is on the right.    Beaver, not to be left out, followed by plowing the path to the left.    I have no idea what they thought was over on that side of the house, but they sure were determined to have a look-see.
 The second picture is just a close up of the first one.    Believe me the walls of their tunnels were taller than they were.    They both just busted through that drift like it wasn't even there.   
                                                              Snow Dogs Rule!!!

We are back in our routine of one clipper system after another.    Tomorrow more snow and wind.   I just hope that it doesn't switch back to that real cold stuff we had last week.    Snow is easier on all of us than extreme cold.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Animals

These are all pictures of my animals outside in the weather which is totally different today than it was a week ago.  It is probably nearly 40 degrees warmer this Monday than it was last Monday.    They are probably even happier about this than I am.

 You have no idea how long it took me to get all these animals arranged at the fence line.   I will never bother to do that again.
 There are 6 ewes in this pasture, but they were not feeling too photogenic.
 The other three ewes are in this picture with the ram.   He is the small one.
 These are my four furry house friends.   They love the snow.  Their yard had paths for them to run in, but the wind messed that up.    Tomorrow I will have to start again because we are supposed to get more snow.
Here they are again.    As you can see, only one of them is laying fluff from El Paso.   What is wrong with that?

Monday, December 09, 2013

What a poser!

This is Junior.    He is anything but little, but he has always been photogenic.  I couldn't resist this pose on the kitchen table with the ewe and her twins and the pine branch. 

We are experiencing a cold snap.   It has already lasted much too long, and it is only early December.  I hope this is not a portent of things to come.   I just keep getting older and colder.    The older I can handle, the colder..........not so much!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Mixing dog hair and wool

What do you mean; there is dog hair in my wool?   One thing I am sure to tell anyone who buys a product of either my spinning or knitting------------There will be other types of animal hair in the product.    It could be either dog or cat---------more likely dog.   I have to sit in my computer desk chair if I want to sit alone.  I always have a friend if I sit on the couch.   I even get a friend if I sit in my platform rocker.

Yesterday and again this morning, I had five helpers while I was knitting.   Just imagine me in-between the two corgis.   However, it is not all bad.   They keep me warm, and it has become that time of the year now.  I was fine knitting this a.m. until the collie got down and the others moved away from me.    Then I was cold.   The dogs are a great joy to me most of the time.
Yesterday, as in the picture, I was knitting white wool with black Little Beaver hair mixed in.   Today it is charcoal gray with white mixed in from any one of them.   (The brown one on the end is not mine.)          snowed last night about an inch, but it is nearly clear and sunny now.

Thursday, November 07, 2013


More about wool, especially Shetland wool, at a later date.    I am seven days late with this announcement of celebration.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mr. Zippy

This post is all about Zippy.  He is not one of those fabulous talented dogs with letters after his name, but he is an awesome Cardigan.   He is a major couch potato who is more likely to be found in the recliner with Jake.  He seldom runs....just in the evening after being outside he might come flying into the living room.  He only plays on special occasions.  He likes going for walks, but doesn't fly around..... just bounces along.  We think he is very handsome, and his main job is being the fun police when the other two corgis are playing or the cat needs correction.

Here are two of his recent activities:

First he decided that he would be much more comfortable if he laid on the two pillows at the end of the couch.

Then, the other afternoon he decided to excavate a covered place for himself on the other end of the same couch.    First he dug on the cover with hit front feet; then he crawled under the cover and was completely covered.    Finally he turned around under the cover and stuck his head out and laid down.
It was a lot of work, but somebody had to do it.   Maybe he knows that Wisconsin winter is coming.

We love our Zippy!