Thursday, August 14, 2014

Seven Years Later

It took seven years after devastating illness, but Todd is a Physician's Assistant again.   He battled a idiopathic malady called cervical dystonia and later a heart attack and a stroke and, of course, disabling depression due to the aforementioned problems, but after six months of study and one failure ( by eleven points), he PASSED the exam.   Now he can go on with his life!!!!!  I am so proud that he could finally defeat the depression and all the drugs for his constant pain and go on to achieve this monumental victory.

May you all have good things happen in your lives today and in the future!


Michelle said...

That is HUGE! And WONDERFUL! Hope you guys are out celebrating; congratulations!

Taryn said...

Congratulations for not only passing the exam, but more so, for persevering through so many trials of the years!

Kelly said...

Wonderful news!!!