Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Versatile Nursing Assistants

I can even get help from the nursing assistants.   I  got three of them to help me.    They go out to help feed the cow in the cow hospital.   Then they go along to feed the rams who are confined to a small area together getting to know Bailleys.    Jake, the real patient, caught us coming back to the house to let them off before I put the cart away.    Who could ask for anything more?


Anonymous said...

I'm stealing this photo!

penni said...

They look pretty helpful to me -- depending on what you need help with.

Tammy said...

What a good bunch of helpers you have! I don't know how I would get all my work done w/out my four footed helpers. ;-) Your dogs are so pretty and look very content. Love the picture of them snuggled up with the patient. Also understand about that big "S" on your forehead! I seem to have one too.

Nancy K. said...

You actually drop the dogs off at the house, before putting the gator away??? How spoiled can an animal possibly be?


How's Jake doing? Is he driving you crazy yet? We should get together before the snow flies!