Sunday, October 31, 2010

Recovery with furry assistance

This was the scene this afternoon.    Jake is six days post surgery and doing well.   The passive exercises are difficult for both of us.    He takes naps, but seldom alone.   There is a recliner under the blanket in this picture.   The corgis decided to join  him.  It doesn't take much to convince them to take a nap.

A friend came by to put out bales for the cattle and sheep.   It was much appreciated since I don't want to try to do that with the Bobcat.   Jake is mobile, but he must keep the sling (with pillow keeping it about six inches out from his body) on for six weeks.   It  has already gotten old.   I hope that his knees will improve with the lack of abuse while he recovers.


Lybertygirl said...

Oh my - Rotar cuff repair???
Hope he is on the road to recovery!

Sharrie said...

He had a total shoulder replacement.

Anonymous said...

Wow- that sounds serious. At least he has furry assistance! I hope he recovers quickly.