Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to fall!

                              The boys decided to wait for me on the nature trail part of our path.
                                           This tree decided to be the brightest on this  year.

                                                 The tail end of all three boys as they explore.
                                   Nearly back to the house.   Zippy even got tired out on this trip.
      The Cardis were just awesome looking in the fall leaves, but the photographer wasn't up to par.

The autumn has been just about as wonderful as the summer was awful.    Jake has the beans off the field, and the combine is set up for corn.   He says that I will drive the combine after his surgery.    He will ride shotgun and give the orders on what to do.   That should be a real adventure.   The surgery is a week from today, and we go to Mayo for a physical on Wednesday.

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