Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Climb Every Mountain

Little Beaver is Mr. Adventure.   I knew that he would climb the mountain in the back yard, but I wanted a picture of him on top.    It is easier said than done.    He needed some incentive, so I thought throwing a toy up there would induce him up to the top.   It was not to be. 

He needed me to convince him that getting to the top was a worthy goal.   With me there, Zippy was the first one to make it up followed by LB who made it to the tip top.    You can't really get an idea of how tall the snow pile is from this view.   It must be close to seven feet at the top.   Jake had to take the Bobcat in there to create a path for the boys to run on.   They were very thankful because it was much to deep for Cardi legs before the Bobcat came.   Now they have a figure eight path to chase on, and all three of them are enjoying it.

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Anonymous said...

Zippy you aren't in El Paso any more!