Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010-----and Good Riddance

No bragging and happy rememberences of 2010.    As far as I am concerned...........the whole year sucked!

We lost Jake's dad, our young collie, four cows and their calves, one of our inside kitties and will have to sell all the heifer calves that were born alive.    I wasn't able to breed any sheep because of Jake's illness.

Jake was sick for nine weeks and is still recovering.

What was good about it?    Jake's total shoulder replacement is making excellent progress.  We have a new Cardigan Welsh Corgi who is a real joy.    I have been healthy.   I had a great time at my high school reunion.   Our crops were successful even though it took some wonderful friends to get the corn all harvested.   I got an extension on my dog yard for Mothers' Day.   I bought a beautiful polled ram .....even though I wasn't able to use him.   The corn we grew is heating our house.

Looking back on it, it is difficult to remember the good things that happened, but maybe time will take care of that.     We are looking forward to a much better 2011 and wish everyone who reads this has the same.

Happy New Year!!!


Sharrie, Jake, Scooter, Zippy, Little Beaver, Toonces, Pansy, and Junior    ----- in the house

Fat Mom, Puff, Junie, Spotty, Itschi, Gray, Goldy, Schnuffels, Shaggy, and Booty - outside cats

About 40 cows, calves, steers, and a bull, and 11 ewes and 6 rams

All total =  High Ridge Farm


penni said...

Amen, Sharrie. My mom used to say may the year past have been the worst in our lives. I guess if we made it through the tough times, we can handle anything.

solsticekennels said...

Happy New Year High Ridge! May 2011 be shiny!

The Solstice Gang!

Taryn said...

Hope you have a wonderful (and better) 2011!

coopercreek said...

Happy New Year! Here's to a better year!

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

Definitely hope 2011 is better for you!