Monday, January 31, 2011

What Snow Storm?

Who said El Paso dogs don't like the snow and cold?    Obviously not this dog.   A few minutes ago she was happily LAYING on the side of the "snow mountain".   She shows no sign of noticing that she lives in another climate from where she was born.    No need to buy a jacket for a dog with all that beautiful fur.

They are also learning to run and chase Cardi style in the backyard.

Just in case you didn't know that Cardi's could fly.     Must be the influence of the "flying" dogs at Solstice Kennel.    Nothing makes me smile more that seeing flying Cardis anywhere, but they are double cute outside where they can go "all out".   Do I see a smile on her face?

Grandma Jinnie,      (My new northern grandma said I could write to you cause I miss you so much.)

This is me sitting in the dining room at my new northern digs.    It is really strange up here, but I am trying to fit in the best I can.    I miss you and great grandma and all the dogs at home.   

This is me and my new, sort of, friend.   We are kind of tired tonight because we were outside in that snow stuff running and chasing.   I will write to you some more later, but I am just gunna sleep now.

I still love you  and great grandma in Texas,



Anonymous said...

I see a couple of smiles!

Lani said...

Snow frapping is the best! What happy Cardis.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mandy,

We miss you too, our laps are empty. It is going to be sort of cold here the next couple of days and we will be missing the lap warmer. Your BFF Ban Ban misses you a lot she misses "chase face" and is hoping you are teaching your new boys that game.

Looks like you are enjoying the snow. Be a good girl and don't miss us much.

Love Texas!