Tuesday, August 03, 2010

It's August Now

Jake and his new invention to cut down my mowing time.   He bought an old Dixon for cheap which the dealer stripped down.    Then he added the hitch so that it towed alongside the mower.     Now, when I get brave enough, I can cut twice as wide on the paths around the farm.

Junior in my new weaving bench.    I don't have a picture of the loom, but I finally got my friend to sell me her loom from Sievers.    It folds up and fits upstairs.    Having her come to visit motivated me to get the upstairs rearranged to make room for the loom.

Little Beaver posing last week.  He is a wonderful little guy except for the marking he was doing around the house.     Hopefully, his "surgery" will take care of most of that.

The boys and two of their three cats.     One is alongside Zippy and the other one is climbing the fence.  The ladder helped when Jake put the new window and the window AC in the  upstairs.     Now I can work up there during the summer.     It was impossible up there this summer.    It is so nice to be able to see out of that window.   

Since Memorial Day we have had a real set back in our cattle raising operation.    We have lost three cows and four calves because of large calves that couldn't even be pulled.   Two of the cows had to be put down.    It has been heartbreaking.    We thought we were doing so well.    Our vet says that all of the get from this bull will carry the gene for the large calves which means we will not keep the bull or his offspring.     That leaves us with two heifers from cows that we bought bred to another bull  instead of eight heifers to add to our herd.  -------  This has been a hard pill to swallow.    Hobby farm......my foot!!


kristi said...

This hobby farming does take its toll! For all the frustrations one would think more positives would arise! I know they do but not quick enought! Your cardigan is too cute btw! I hope the cow business gets off to a better hoof soon;)

Tammy said...

Oh my...that would be heartbreaking to have that happen. I had a friend once whose family had the same problem. They bred their cows to a 'new' bull and he ended up throwing enormous calves--nearly every one needing to be pulled. My heart really feels for you. Loved the shot of the cats and pups!