Monday, August 23, 2010


This is prototype #1 for our new sheep feeders.  Due to the impending total shoulder replacement at Mayo Clinic for the "farmer",  we needed to find a way to eliminate the use of small square bales which I have been feeding to the sheep.  After extensive research, he settled on this design and made up this prototype.   So far it is working very well, but it has only been in place since Sunday.   The rams got their model tonight with heavier gates to accommodate for their horny behavior.  The five of them around the feeder is about the right number, and maybe the girls will have to have two feeders in their pasture.  It is real crowded if all eleven of them crowd around the feeder when they all get hungry at the same time.   I will enjoy not having to feed them every morning and evening.  They still start up their noise when they see me outside.  They will learn.

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Tammy said...

Is that the heavy duty gate panels (what size)? Do you know what size the round bale is? I use round bales with one of the 16 foot cattle panels wrapped around it (with some of the holes cut out bigger). I also put a tarp over the top to keep dry. However to get the panel wrapped up tight enough it takes two people. Would love to know additional details on your to see if it's something I could try!