Monday, February 01, 2010

The Wild, Wild West

Well, if you are old enough to recognize this image, I can connect with you.   Little Beaver arrives tomorrow to join his big pal, Red Ryder and his sidekick Buckskin.    Some of  you might recognize the name Red Ryder from a Christmas movie with a BB gun.  We kicked around lots of names, but finally settled on Little Beaver, who was the child sidekick of Red Ryder.    The three of them will be our version of the Wild, Wild West in Wisconsin.    If what Cardi breeders say is right, it should be wild with two Cardis in the same house.    It will be nothing like the homes with multiple Cardis, but Zippy will be so happy to have a friend to play with again.     Scooter mostly supervises.   Hopefully, Little Beaver will be a happy playmate and conspirator for Zippy.    He surely needs that now that Libby is gone.    This weekend Zippy was so happy to have his doggie cousins, Birch and Rover here for a day.  Then to top it off..........Sadie, the sheltie,  came on Sunday.    He was so happy to have doggies to play with again.    Now, Little Beaver should take up the slack in that category. 

Waiting for Little Beaver 



Michelle said...

Wow, in body and head size, Zippy doesn't look much smaller than Scooter in that photo!

Sharrie said...

Yup! The only difference appears when they stand up. It's all in the legs!

solstice kennels said...

Big dogs, short legs! I can't wait to hear what the Z-man thinks of his new bro! Zippy and the Beav :-)

onecollie said...

did I miss a post!....who is Little Beaver! Do you have pictures?
Congratulations!!, boy or girl?