Friday, March 12, 2010

Again........No Picture

On our second walk today, we had another highlight.    We were on our way back home walking on the road when a bald eagle flew over us toward the house.      At the house, he turned around and flew over us again.    Wow!!!!!    That was cool!    We have seen lots of eagles, especially by the Missisisippi, but we had not seen one around our house.   The eagle was quite low about twice the height of the utility lines.  

I hope he didn't think that Little Beaver looked like lunch.

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Cattle Call Farm said...

Just stumbled on on to your blog from the Schoonover Farm. Enjoyed reading your posts. We also had a bald eagle sighting here in WV. I din't see it, but the guy that takes pictures for our local paper got a picture of it on his way to work, about 20 yards off the road. I was excited to see it in the paper, now I have my eye to the sky.