Friday, March 12, 2010

What did you expect?????????

Well, duh!!!!   Anyone knows that if you go into the fields tooooooo soon--- all  you get is mud and water.
BUT...........I just couldn't stand walking on the road anymore.    When we got to the corner on the road, we took off into the field to return home.     It was muddy, but we have been muddy before.    We kept going until we got to the area where the berm was located to direct the water and hold the soil.    Long story short........Scooter and I both were forced to ford the ditch which looked frozen.........but wasn't.   Lucky Cardi's, they just kept going unto the high ground mostly on top of the snow/slush.    Scooter, Mr. Timid, had to continue across the ditch through the water to get to where we were.  Little Beaver even ventured out a few feet to encourage his big furry friend.    Scooter got over it.     I was up to mid-calf in quite cold water, but laughing all the way.     It was so good to get out on the land again.   

Little Beaver had his first time really off leash.    His recall is pretty good.     He follows Zippy like a little black and white shadow.     Just as we had gotten back, almost to the lawn and the baby forest, they both took off across the alfalfa field after a bunch of birds.    When the birds flew, they returned to my call.   (Thank heaven!!)

Now my shoes and pants are in the washer, and the pups are wiped off.    Why bother with getting them sanitary??.................we drag mud and sand in here all the time in the late winter

AND................there were red winged blackbirds on the wires when we were walking on the road.    Spring is almost here.


Taryn said...

Ah, the spring thaw! It doesn't matter where you live, it always means muddy walks and very dirty Cardis. Fortunately it also means the garden hose has thawed too, and everyone can get the bottom half rinsed!

onecollie said...

darn!...I was hoping for muddy dog pictures !!LOL!

penni said...

We do need muddy dog photos. I've had lots of muddy dogs lately, but it's been snow and sleet -- not enough to build a snowman, but just the right amount to make my white downstairs tile really yucky and my dogs really dirty.