Thursday, January 07, 2010

The new year

The birds are very happy that I filled the feeders this morning.   The picture is taken from the kitchen window and is blurry because of that and the fact that is it snowing.   The Christmas tree is providing some shelter particularly to the cardinals.  I am glad I put it out there yesterday.   Earlier there were seven male cardinals around the feeder.   They are so brilliant in the snow.   This picture only captures Mr. Flicker just above the snowman's hat.  The cardinals fly in and out to the big fir tree in the background.    The road is not visible in the top of the shot because of the snow.   Isn't it nice that all of us in the U.S. can share in this horrible weather.    I am just kidding, but we are sure "united" in our misery.

Second picture is Zippy and Junior resting on the wool roving rug in front of the stairs.    Zippy often rests there.  

Short post since Blogger will not let me add any pictures.    Maybe more later.


Jenny Holden said...

Nice to see your birds are being well looked after :o)
I love the matching pair on the mat!

penni said...

I'm sorry Blogger is fighting with you -- no photos allowed? I hope you're able to stay inside and just look at all that cold whiteness.

Anonymous said...

Tell blogger to let you load photos! Sorry about the lovely weather, we are whining because it is going to 23 degrees overnight out here in the desert.

Stay warm, glad Zippy has his cat :-).

Shula said...

Zippy is looking grown up and very handsome. Well done feeding the birds, we are going through a feeder a day right now, and they are picking the turkey bones clean. Stay warm in all that snow.

Kathleen said...

Oh, all your photos are so gorgeous! And, yes, do go to see Sherlock Holmes, if you like action movies. This one is great!

Garrett808 said...

ummm...Zippy is SO HANDSOME!!