Sunday, May 24, 2009


UN mom is awesome!!!! Today she built a dirt pit for Libby and me to play in. Tonight we were chasing in the back yard when we stopped for a drink. Playing is hard work. After our drink, we went to our new dirt pit. But.......wouldn't you know it, just then, UN mom wanted us to come into the house. Being the good boy that I am, I trotted over to the door. UN mom picked me up and started laughing. I didn't get the joke. Then she made UN dad hold me and took our picture. I still don't understand what was so special that I had to have my picture taken and then get a face bath. Oh, well, just another day in paradise.

I am out of here!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You give a face to the term Mud puppy! You are getting BIG. Have fun!