Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well, the ewe that had the flashy pair at the top of this page gave me two MORE ram lambs today. They are both black with big white patches on their heads and white around their noses. Luckily one has two short back white socks. Now I will be able to tell them apart. The pictures are not good because it is dark in the garage where Lucy decided to give birth. We had to make a bonsai run to Milwaukee this morning to see Jake's father who had a stroke yesterday afternoon. He is doing fine today. When we got home at about 3:30, Lucy had delivered one, and then the second one arrived a little bit later. All is well in the garage except for the sex of the lambs.

They are equally sized which is quite different from the first two. They are crimpy from head to butt and have nice short tails. One has horn buds, and the other one has something different. I can't tell what just yet. The first two that were born on Tuesday have significant horn buds and may have horns like their father. The little grey/brown one has crimp right down to the end of his tail. It is really cool. I sure wish he was a girl!!

I am 0 and 4 now. That is not a very good score.


kristi said...

Well from a fellow blogger who has 12 little ram lambs and only 6 ewe lambs....I so understand. But your guys are cute none the else:)

Nancy K. said...

There has GOT to be something in the water that you're giving your animals!


What did your bull-calf/heifer ratio end up?

Claire said...

What a beautiful pair! I know you would have preferred ewes, but they really are very handsome boys! Good to catch up on your blog. I hope you have some pics of the surprise heifer soon!

Wrensong Farm said...

Darling lambs! Join the club....I had ALL ram lambs except 1. sigh. Hopefully you get a few ewe lambs now!

Sharrie said...


After Surprise, last week, we ended up with 6 heifers and 7 bull calves.

Karen B. said...

Sharrie, I am also 0 for 4 right now, I feel your pain! Yours are quite handsome, though.