Monday, May 18, 2009

Jus playin............

It's Zippy Time!!!

I been doing a lot of playing lately. As you can see, my Aunt Libby is WAY bigger than me. I try not to let it bother me. When things get real wild, I flop over on my back and wiggle my feet in the air. OR I scamper as fast as I can to somewhere she doesn't fit. There are lots of places in my new house.

UN Mom took this picture of me coming out of one of my "safe" places. It is under the dining room table. Even UN mom has trouble grabbing me if I am in there. I take my raw hide and "My little pony" with me. (UN mom bought it for me on Saturday, and it is a great toy and pillow).

My Aunt Libby is real nice. She lets me crawl on top of her and nibble on all different parts of her body. When I get toooooo rough, she always lets me know. We get real loud when we play, and UN dad had to turn up the TV so he could hear the drag racing last night. But during the day we can get as loud as we want because UN mom never has the TV on.

OH, one last thing, UN mom says that we are lucky that it is warm out because we keep going outside real often. That is great because it is fun to run and play out there. I hope I can learn to run faster cause Aunt Libby wants me to chase her, and I can't run fast enough yet.

I am out of here!!!


Anonymous said...


Sister Bailey here! We miss you but it looks like you are in a really fun place! I went to a dog show this weekend and hung out with sister Bonnie and we had fun. Our Aunt Wham won one day. Wham is Mamma's sister. Mamma is bald so she didn't win and Frost was a bad girl and she didn't win.

I saw Charlie tonight, we played and played.

Momma got her computer back so she says I can have a blog too just like you and Charlie but I have to fight Frost for time.

Puppy smooches to you!

Karen B. said...

You've got some really neat dogs there, Sharrie. Of course the new pup is adorable, but Scooter and Libby are quite beautiful, too. Do they stay at home, or wander?

Sharrie said...


These spoiled puppies are only outside with me. Scooter is real good off leash, but Libby wants to chase any moving vehicle. Got to work on that.