Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pansies in the Spring

Zippy here!!

Now this is my new friend, Pansy. Isn't she beautiful. I think UN mom must like those colors because Pansy looks like the big dogs. This is the condo that UN mom bought for the cats. Pansy told me that she went in it ONCE. UN mom got lucky and got a picture of her.

I didn't want UN mom to feel like she wasted her money, so I decided to show her that I could use it for a teething toy. She wasn't that happy about the idea, but she still tried to take my picture while I was in there. She wasn't quick enough because I am all blurry. get the picture. I think it is an awesome chew toy. I get to lay in it and chew on it at the same time. Cool!!! Wouldn't it be too much if Pansy would get in the top, and I could be in the bottom. You know, Pansy is a real cool cat, and I try to pay attention to her so she won't feel neglected. She doesn't always appreciate it, but I will keep trying.

Got to rest up for the big class tonight. UN mom said I will be a star at school
because I don't like to walk on a leash yet. That thing is a real bother. I don't think she was being serious, but I do know how to do some of the things we have been work one.

I am out of here!!

P.S. To OSW mom and OSW g-mom. UN mom told me that she had it in writing that you were going to come and see me at my UN house. That will be so cool. Can all the dogs come along? I have lots to show them.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

pssst Little Puppy are just way too cute. I'm whispering so your momma doesn't hear but if you ever want to take a trip my way you can come and stay with me. Don't worry about class you will teach your momma how to walk on that leash. I'm sure she can learn. Just takes practice. Just don't pull too hard on her and try to walk next to her. Let me know how she does.

Jenny Holden said...

What a little cutie! Are you going to be a working dog Zippy?