Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Zip Trip

This morning we went on our first Zip Trip. We got all the way to the mailbox and back. That is not to say that it was a short trip, time wise. It took us a pretty long time since Zippy has to stop about every ten steps, those short little puppy Cardi steps, to scratch his collar. We got down to the mailbox real slowly, but coming back, we made much better time.

Zippy seems to lean towards the other male in our three dog household. Scooter is his mentor at the moment. He tries to play with Libby sometimes outside, but he hangs with Scooter.

So far, he is a wonderful puppy. He runs outside when I suggest it, he motors into the house when he hears the door opening, he sleeps in his crate by my bed, he eats up his food like a real dog, he makes us laugh, he naps with me, and he sits on the couch with me at night. Now how much more could anyone ask for?????

Yesterday, we went to the vet. Everyone was good. Scooter is a wuss, he whined the most. It was an interesting trip since it was raining when we went, but we made three stops and were very successful. Zippy is still a bit put off by the cats, but he is learning how they operate. It may take a while, but the cats don't seek him out. He doesn't bother them when he happens to meet up with one of them. I am sure that may change several times.

Puppy update: Successful transition to up north in WI. By the way, he seems to love the grass and sometimes just melts into it and looks happy.


Anonymous said...

I warned you about the grass, we don't have much of it here, dirt yes, grass no. Rain will be an adventure too. Nana is glad he is being a good baby, I'm sure the naughty puppy will show up soon.

Anonymous said...

Zippy is so cute. I am sure in no time he will be trying to rule the roost even with the cats. It seems that you have a wonderful household. I always had dogs and cats and birds but now we only have two cats.

Karen B. said...

Scooter and Zippy together, now that's really cute! Zippy's mentor looks so kind and patient.