Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zippy Live!

Boy, are we having some fun up here. Let me tell you!!!

Well, it all happened on Monday. Aunt Libby decided that I was big enough to play with. We had a real great time. I get rides when I hang on to her tail. Sometimes we go in circles, and I fly around just like my name. Sometimes she goes straight, and I can slide like on the kitchen floor. It is fun! But when we all go outside, I have to be careful if those two big dogs are running and playing. Some of the time I have to just lay on my back and wiggle my feet while they bark. Then I get real brave, and I jump up and snap at their noses and run away. I can get into places that they can't get into. I don't thing they know how easy it is to latch onto their fur. We get real wild especially at night after supper.

I am just an innocent little puppy...........sometimes.

P.S. My up North dad can really laugh when we get to playing. I think he likes me.


Garrett808 said...

oh Sharrie I am SO happy that you are just smitten with the CWC! I am so glad that Zippy is having a wild time and that his UN dad and mom are enjoying him so much! I just chuckle when I read his posts....too cute!

I can't wait to meet him some time this summer! Maybe Jefferson weekend?? :):)

Lybertygirl said...

How adorable! Zippy is too cute for words!

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Oh aren't you just the cutest thing...and so innocent...I bet you don't get in trouble for anything. Bet you have convinced those other dogs to take the heat for you...because you are just a sweet little innocent puppy :-)